Orange County Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Child sexual abuse is a terrible crime that can scar a survivor for life. Every Orange County child sexual abuse lawyer at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is a strong and vocal advocate against child sex crimes. We fight for justice by standing next to survivors while they bring civil claims against those responsible for their victimizations. Our firm respects how difficult it can be for a victim to come forward. We make client privacy a top priority.

If you or your loved one has suffered child sexual abuse in Orange County, our lawyers have the resources and skill it will take to represent your case. Our lawyers can support you throughout the entire claims process.

Why Choose Our Abuse Lawyers?

  • We are the leading law firm in California for sexual abuse cases. We have helped more than 100 children seek justice for clergy abuse in Orange County alone.
  • We have decades of experience exclusively practicing sexual abuse law. Our attorneys are extremely qualified.
  • We have filed claims against schools, clergies, sports gyms, foster systems and national organizations on behalf of our clients.
  • We provide aggressive, award-winning representation for child sexual abuse victims in Orange County.

What Cases Do We Accept?

Child sexual abuse can refer to many different types of sex crimes. In our decades of experience, we have represented clients who were survivors or family members of children who had suffered molestation, statutory rape, sex trafficking, child pornography and sexual harassment in Orange County. Our Orange County sexual abuse attorneys exclusively represent clients involved in abuse related cases. We can discuss any type of alleged child sexual abuse with you during a confidential case evaluation.

How an Orange County Child Sex Abuse Lawyer Can Help

Retaining a lawyer to represent your child sexual abuse case can boost your odds of securing a successful settlement or positive jury verdict. These cases are complex and often difficult for victims to deal with alone. Hiring a lawyer you trust can give you peace of mind during this hard time.

  • Someone to talk to in 100% confidence
  • A law firm to protect your privacy and anonymity
  • A group of attorneys with practice area experience assessing your case
  • Resources to hire and bring in outside professionals
  • People who care about your past and future
  • A lawyer to handle insurance settlement negotiations
  • Someone to take over communications with the defendant
  • An attorney to advocate for the amount of compensation you require

Our Orange County sexual abuse lawyers want to help you protect your rights and hold one or more parties accountable for the tragedy that deeply impacted you or a loved one. If you retain our firm, we can guide you through all the actions it takes to fight for fair financial restitution for child sexual abuse. We will take care of the difficult and time-consuming parts of your case while you concentrate on healing.

Who Is Responsible?

The institution overseeing the child’s care or supervision at the time of the sexual abuse could be legally responsible or liable for damages. Liability in most civil claims depends on whether the individual or entity was negligent and if this negligence more likely than not caused the plaintiff’s damages.

If your lawyer can prove a church, school, school district, the Girl or Boys Scouts of America, a daycare center, or another party failed to adhere to the duties of care and this contributed to the sexual abuse, the entity could owe compensation. Our lawyers can help you determine who may be liable in your particular case.

Contact Our O.C. Child Sexual Abuse Attorneys

The lawyers at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi spend their lives fighting sexual abuse. Our Orange County attorneys will do everything they can to assist clients during sensitive child sexual abuse cases. We can keep an adult plaintiff’s identity confidential throughout the entire case if need be. We always protect the identities of child victims. Consult with an attorney today.