Orange County Online Sexual Harassment Attorney

Online sexual harassment affects millions of victims around the world. Men, women, boys and girls can suffer from online sexual harassment, internet sex crimes and digital sexual violence. Online sexual harassment can cause immense trauma that impacts mental health and wellness, sometimes for life.

If you or a loved one has been abused or harassed online, contact the O.C. online sexual harassment lawyers at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi for a free consultation. You may be eligible for financial compensation from the sexual harasser and/or another party.

Why Clients in Orange County Choose Us

  • We have represented more than 100 child victims of sexual abuse in schools in California, as well as 150 victims of clergy sexual abuse. We have the experience to give you a stronger case.
  • We work hard to obtain the best possible results for survivors of sexual abuse, assault and harassment. Our lawyers are proud to report more than $2 billion in prior case results from the last 25 years.
  • We take a personal approach to sexual harassment law, working closely with clients and their families to understand their needs and goals. Our main mission is to help you obtain closure at the end of the legal process.

Tasks Our Lawyers Can Complete

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is a full-service plaintiff’s injury law firm. We exclusively take cases involving sexual abuse or assault in California. When we accept a case, our Orange County sexual abuse lawyers immediately go to work on laying the groundwork of the claim. We handle everything while the client focuses on healing.

  • Identifying the at-fault parties in your sexual harassment case
  • Breaking down the laws relating to your case
  • Mapping out a strong and comprehensive legal strategy
  • Hiring experienced sexual harassment case experts
  • Filling out and filing all legal paperwork
  • Walking you through the civil law process in Orange County

From day one, you will benefit from the care and undivided attention of an Orange County sexual harassment attorney with years of practice area experience. We will listen to your story and ask you about your unique experience as the survivor of online sexual harassment, discrimination or abuse. Then, we will go to work on bringing the at-fault party or parties to justice.

Types of Sexual Harassment Cases We Accept

Online sexual harassment is a wide-ranging field that can include many specific crimes. Internet sex crimes are as varied as offline sex crimes. In our years of handling Orange County sex crime civil cases for clients, we have taken dozens of cases specifically involving types of online sexual harassment.

  • Nonconsensual sharing of sexual images
  • Solicitations for explicit photos or videos
  • Distributing or producing child pornography
  • Sexual exploitation, coercion or threats
  • Violating a victim’s dignity through online communications
  • Discrimination based on gender, sex or sexual orientation

Online sexual harassment could make you feel threatened, intimidated, scared, exploited, humiliated or sexualized. These are intangible losses the courts in California may permit you to list as requested compensation from an at-fault party. The harasser or an institution that negligently failed to protect you from online sexual harassment, such as your employer or your child’s school, may owe you money for these losses.

You Are Not Alone

Online sexual harassment is a prevalent crime that can have many lasting impacts on mental and emotional wellbeing. If someone sexually harassed you online to the point of disrupting your daily life, creating a hostile work environment, making you feel unsafe or humiliating you, speak to an attorney from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi about your rights. The same is true if you were the victim of a sex crime such as sex trafficking or child pornography.

Your Orange County Online Sexual Harassment Attorney

Our lawyers represent survivors of sexual harassment, discrimination and abuse in Orange County. We have been representing victims and achieving outstanding results for years. Speak to a lawyer about your individual case and the potential of going up against one or more defendants today. Initial consultations are free, confidential and at no obligation to hire our firm. Contact us online or at (949) 252-9990.