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California Schools Sexual Abuse

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We have represented thousands of victims of clergy and school sexual abuse and routinely achieve the highest recoveries in the nation.

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We carefully protect our clients’ identities and maintain the highest possible standard of confidentiality when working with our clients.

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We are not afraid to stand up to any institution, whether it is a school district, religious institution, entertainment conglomerate, Fortune 500 companies, or any other rich & powerful institution.

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The firm has recovered over $2 billion dollars on behalf of clients from school districts, religious institutions, municipalities, sports & youth organizations & Fortune 500 companies.

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Los Angeles, California Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Nationally Recognized for Representing Sexual Abuse Survivors

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is regarded as America’s leading law firm for sexual abuse cases. Our founder and managing partner, attorney John C. Manly, has been successfully representing sexual abuse victims for over 20 years. He has been included in Super Lawyers® and named to California’s Top 100 Attorneys by the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

Victim’s advocate and California sexual abuse lawyer John Manly understands that sexual abuse is an ongoing crisis and has devoted himself to becoming a national leader in the legal battle against these brutal crimes. As a firm that exclusively handles sexual abuse cases, our Los Angeles law firm offers experienced representation to obtain justice for sexual abuse survivors, harassment, and discrimination.

Manly Stewart & Finaldi is currently investigating California schools sexual abuse.  Contact our firm today if you were affected.

What to Do If You Are a Victim of Sexual Violence

If you or a loved one has been a victim of harassment or sexual violence, don’t give up. Our California sexual abuse attorneys are here to help you seek justice. We are passionate about our work, and we understand that it is difficult for sexual abuse survivors of confidentiality when working with our clients. Our Los Angeles sexual abuse attorneys are dedicated to helping people like you get the peace of mind and compensation they deserve.

Contact a sexual abuse attorney at our Southern California law firm for recognized legal representation in a sex abuse case. We can help you move forward with civil action. For legal advice, call (800) 700-8450 today.

Why Choose Our Los Angeles Sexual Abuse Lawyers in California?

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, our renowned sexual abuse attorneys are not afraid to stand up to any institution, whether it is a school district, religious institution, entertainment conglomerate, Fortune 500 companies, or any other rich and powerful institution. In fact, our team of legal professionals has represented hundreds of victims of clergy sexual abuse in California including in Los Angeles, and Orange County, plus hundreds of young children victimized in in California’s schools. We are one of the nation’s leading law firms for representing survivors of sexual violence.

Decades of Experience & Results

If you or someone you know has suffered sexual abuse at work in California, in school, in church, by a sports coach, at a hospital or by a doctor, while in foster care, or by a Boy Scout leader, we are prepared to stand up and fight for you. We offer passionate, aggressive representation to seek justice for victims, secure the financial compensation you deserve, and protect others from abuse in the future. We have also recovered more than $2 billion dollars for our clients. When you need legal help and results, you can depend on our award-winning sexual abuse lawyers in California.

Your Needs Are Our First Priority

We understand the devastating nature and the emotional distress of unwanted sexual contact and the lasting impact it may have on a survivor. That’s why we take on every case with a trauma-informed approach, taking an empathetic look at your case – and, ultimately, putting your needs above ours. We sit down and listen carefully to your situation, providing any and all help you may need in order to get closure in your situation. If desired, your case can be 100% confidential, so that you can feel safe and at ease – and if you require help after your case has concluded, our Los Angeles sexual abuse attorneys in California will do our best to find the assistance you deserve.

We not only seek justice for any actions that may have been committed against you, but we also strive to invoke change at an institutional level to ensure that nobody else has to go through the same traumatic experiences. Whether you need a Los Angeles sexual assault lawyer or an Orange County sexual assault attorney, we can help victims all over Southern California.


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Attorneys: Refer Your Sexual Abuse Case to Us

Give us a call regarding the potential referral of your sexual abuse case. We will provide, free-of charge, a thoughtful and reasoned evaluation of your potential or pending case.

Join our team today!

Over $1B in recoveries against the Roman Catholic Church on behalf of victims of sexual abuse by priests, volunteers, religious and employees.


Global Settlement

Roman Catholic Arch Diocese Sex Abuse Cases

George Tyndall survivors and their attorneys announce a historic $852 Million Global Settlement in USC sex abuse case.


Global Settlement

USC Dr. George Tyndall Sex Abuse Cases

333 sex abuse claims against Michigan State University for the abuse of child and young adult athletes by former MSU and Olympic Team doctor Larry Nassar.


Global Settlement

Michigan State University, Larry Nassar Sex Abuse Cases

$216 million global settlement of 110 separate sexual abuse claims against the Society of Jesus, Oregon Province (2007, 2011).

Various Superior Courts in the State of Alaska and U.S. Bankruptcy Court


Global Settlement

Society of Jesus, Oregon, Sex Abuse Cases

81 child sexual abuse claims against Los Angeles Unified School District resulting from the sexual abuse of students at Miramonte Elementary School by Mark Berndt.


Global Settlement

Los Angeles Unified School District, Miramonte Elementary School Sex Abuse cases

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Representation for Sexual Abuse Victims Across California

Our California sexual abuse lawyers have over 20 years of experience litigating various cases of sexual violence. This includes instances of:

We are passionate about seeking justice for any and all survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

We Pursue All Liable Parties

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we understand that in cases of sexual abuse, there are often other parties that may share liability for the abuser’s despicable actions. Therefore, we strive to hold all responsible parties accountable for their part in your case. This includes:

  • The abuser who was directly responsible
  • Any coworkers, staff members, or others who knew of the abuse but did not come forward to report it
  • Any larger organizations or institutions who failed to take action against the abuse
  • Any potential law enforcement officials who exercised negligence in allowing the abuse to occur

Any and all parties who had some direct or indirect part in your case deserve to be held accountable to the fullest extent.

Los Angeles Sexual Abuse Lawyers Who Are Here for You

No case is too challenging for our lawyers. When we say that we aren’t afraid to stand up to any major institution, we have the track record to prove it. The firm has recovered more than $2 billion dollars on behalf of clients from the nation’s largest school districts, religious institutions, municipalities, sports and youth organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual violence and abuse, please contact our law offices in Southern California for a free, 100% confidential consultation regarding your case.

You deserve closure, and any responsible parties deserve justice for their despicable actions. Let a trusted California sexual abuse lawyer at our firm help you today.

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