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Los Angeles Internet Sex Crimes Lawyer

A Los Angeles internet sex crimes lawyer from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi can help you work through your case in Los Angeles. We understand cybersex crimes and how to demand compensation from at-fault or responsible parties.

A Los Angeles internet sex crimes lawyer from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi can help you work through your case in Los Angeles. We understand cybersex crimes and how to demand compensation from at-fault or responsible parties.

We can evaluate your case for signs of negligence or carelessness that may have contributed to you becoming a victim. Our law firm is passionate about giving survivors of sexual crimes the support they need. Talk to a Los Angeles sex crimes attorney today or fill out our online form to set up a consultation and your case review. We can be here for you in your time of need.

Why Choose Manly, Stewart & Finaldi?

  • We are not afraid to stand up to any institution during an internet sex crimes case.
  • We have represented hundreds of victims of sexual abuse throughout California.
  • We have obtained more than $2 billion on behalf of our clients.
  • We have decades of experience as California’s leading sexual abuse firm.
  • We treat each client with compassion, care, and attention to detail.

Why Hire an Los Angeles Internet Sex Crimes Attorney?

You do not have to negotiate your internet sex crimes civil case alone. A sexual abuse attorney at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi can help you through all aspects of your case, from identifying the correct defendant to fighting for fair compensation through a court trial, if necessary. We will handle the legwork of your case while you focus on you.

  • Keeping your case and identity private.
  • Going up against the correct defendant(s).
  • Filing your civil claim within the statute of limitations.
  • Collecting and analyzing all available evidence.
  • Arguing for fair and just compensation on your behalf.
  • Working with other professionals to strengthen your case.

Our attorneys will do everything in their power to build a strong, comprehensive case on your behalf. We are passionate about preserving the rights of sexual abuse, assault and harassment victims in Los Angeles.

We understand you may feel hopeless, overwhelmed or discouraged during your fight for justice. We are here to help you feel more confident in this difficult time.

Types of Internet Sex Crime Cases We Handle

In Los Angeles, our law firm has helped hundreds of clients obtain financial compensation for their economic and noneconomic losses relating to sexual abuse and other sex crimes. Over the years, we have built a repertoire of internet sex crime cases we handle. Our firm has the resources to hire outside professionals and subject-matter experts as well, if necessary.

  • Blackmail
  • Child pornography
  • Cyberstalking
  • Extortion for sexually explicit material
  • Revenge porn
  • Sex trafficking
  • Sexting
  • Solicitation

According to a 2022 University of New Hampshire report, 16% of young adults in the US have experienced at least one type of sexual abuse online before the age of 18. No matter what type of internet sex crime has impacted you or your loved one, contact our local law firm for assistance. Our Los Angeles child sexual abuse attorneys can answer your questions during a free, confidential consultation.

Our attorneys will focus on you as a person, listening to your story and walking you through the steps it may take to obtain justice and compensation.

Who Is Liable?

Most internet sex crimes involve a cybercriminal and a victim. As a survivor, however, you may be able to hold other parties accountable.

An establishment such as a school or religious institution could be civilly liable for your damages, for instance, for negligently failing to prevent the crime. If a school should have supervised students’ online activities, for example, but failed to do so, this could be proof of negligence on the school’s part.

An attorney from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi can analyze your case and help you identify the correct defendant(s).

Contact Our Los Angeles Online Sex Crimes Lawyer Today

If you or someone you love has been the victim of an internet sex crime in Los Angeles, contact our firm for assistance. Our lawyers have the experience and passion you need to help you fight against an individual or institution.

We are not afraid to take on any type of defendant in the pursuit of closure and the compensation you require to move forward. Contact our dedicated sexual abuse lawyers and schedule a free consultation with us today using our online form.

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is regarded as America's leading law firm for sexual abuse cases. As a firm that exclusively handles sexual abuse cases, our California law firm offers experienced representation to obtain justice for sexual abuse survivors, harassment, and discrimination.

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