Resources for Child Sexual Abuse Victims in Los Angeles

A commitment to stop child sexual abuse requires a willingness to seek professional help when necessary. If a child sexual abuse victim needs your help, you can turn to many organizations and programs in Los Angeles to connect you to the right people. Use this list of resources to contact an experienced professional about a child sexual abuse or assault situation in Los Angeles, California.

Where to Find Help and Resources for Child Sexual Abuse in Los Angeles, CA

You can find many help centers and hotlines near you with a simple internet search. The lawyers at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi have compiled a list of resources local to Los Angeles for your convenience here. Reach out to any of these organizations 24/7 for assistance with child sexual abuse.

  • The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. The Los Angeles County Child Protective Services Department investigates allegations of child sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect when there is reasonable suspicion. You can contact the LA office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 540-4000. If you are outside of California, the number is (213) 639-4500.
  • The Audrey Hepburn CARES Center at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This hospital has a team of trained medical professionals offering physical and mental health services to child sexual abuse survivors. The hospital can help you identify child abuse and help the victim through therapy, support groups and psychiatric services. Contact the CARES Center by calling (323) 660-2450.
  • Children’s Institute, Inc. This LA-based organization was founded in 1906 to help children exposed to adversity, including sexual abuse and assault. It currently serves more than 30,000 families annually with services such as behavioral therapy, family and group therapy, early childhood education, and community events. You can contact this organization online or call (213) 260-7600 to get in touch.
  • Peace Over Violence. Peace Over Violence is a sexual abuse and domestic violence hotline. It offers support for child abuse cases in Los Angeles through emergency services, interventions, prevention and education. You can reach the organization’s Rape and Battering hotline 24/7 at (213) 626-3393 from Central LA, (310) 392-8381 from South LA or (626) 793-3385 from the West San Gabriel Valley.
  • YWCA of Greater Los Angeles. The Los Angeles chapter of the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) provides resources for child sexual abuse survivors and their families. You can call its 24-hour crisis hotline at 213-365-2991. The YWCA will accompany sexual assault victims to hospitals for examinations, as well as provide other services.

For a list of more child sexual abuse resources near you, visit the Child Abuse Prevention Center’s website. This website lists multiple child abuse prevention councils that can assist you with your specific matter. There are councils specifically tailored for sexually abused Asian Pacific children and deaf children, for example. There are also different councils listed for areas around Los Angeles, such as Long Beach and Van Nuys.

When To Contact a Local Child Sexual Abuse Attorney

Once you have connected to the resource you need for medical care, emergency intervention and/or psychological therapy for child sexual abuse, start looking into your legal options. Contact a local Los Angeles child sexual abuse lawyer for a free and confidential overview of the civil justice process. Manly, Stewart & Finaldi can hold an individual or organization liable for child sexual abuse.

Holding someone liable means making him or her accountable for losses suffered. Your lawyer may be able to hold an institution responsible for failing to prevent or put an end to child sexual abuse in Los Angeles, such as a religious institution, school, or Boys’ and Girls’ Club. A successful lawsuit could repay you and your family for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, legal fees, and more. Call (949) 252-9990 today for more information about a child sexual abuse lawsuit in Los Angeles.