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LAUSD Sexual Abuse

The largest school district in California, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), has faced multiple lawsuits for sexual abuse against its students.

The largest school district in California, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), has faced multiple lawsuits for sexual abuse against its students. This includes lawsuits that successfully proved that LAUSD failed to protect the welfare of its students. At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we are passionate about standing up for survivors of school sexual abuse. Our attorneys can fight for justice on your behalf after a sex crime is committed within the school district. Contact us right away for a free, confidential case evaluation.

Why We’re the Right Law Firm for You

  • Our attorneys have obtained unprecedented settlements and verdicts in the practice area of sexual abuse and assault for former clients.
  • We are the leading litigation firm against LAUSD. We have filed numerous lawsuits against the district for abuse at New Miramonte Elementary School and others.
  • You will always come first and stay in the know about your case as our client. We can keep your identity and case details confidential throughout your lawsuit, if desired.

What Is School Sexual Abuse?

School sexual abuse describes any type of sexual conduct, actions or behaviors from teachers and other staff members of a school against students. This may include teacher sexual abuse, sports sexual abuse, coach sexual abuse, abuse in after-school programs, abuse on field trips, on-campus doctor sexual abuse, internet sex crimes and sexual bullying. Many students are unaware that what they are experiencing constitutes sexual abuse or assault at the time of the incident. They often do not come forward until much later, when they are adults.

What Are the Allegations Against LAUSD?

The Los Angeles Unified School District has faced a great deal of litigation for the alleged sexual abuse of its students in recent years. For example, over a dozen victims brought lawsuits against LAUSD for child sexual abuse by the school district’s wrestling coach, Terry Gillard, in 2020. These lawsuits assert that Gillard’s sexual misconduct against students involved critical failures by the LAUSD that continued the abuse, including administrators of the school district forbidding its investigative team to fully examine claims of misconduct.

In 2018, survivors of school sexual abuse received a $22 million settlement against LAUSD, two years after an $88 million win against the school district for two teachers who sexually abused and assaulted students at two different schools in 2016. LAUSD has a clearly established pattern of failing to protect its students from abuse.

What Are Your Rights?

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse in any capacity at a school in the Los Angeles Unified School District or have reason to suspect that your child is the victim of this crime, you may be eligible for financial compensation. The school district may owe you money for losses such as emotional distress, mental anguish and legal fees.

Filing a civil lawsuit against LAUSD is not just about the money, however; a lawsuit can also bring you or your child justice and hold the school district and its administrators accountable for failing to prevent, identify and address sexual abuse. Legal action can have the power to change the laws regarding sexual assault and abuse within schools in your county.

Are You a Survivor of LAUSD Sexual Abuse? Contact Us Now

The attorneys at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi are experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable sexual abuse lawyers. We know how to help sexual abuse and assault survivors stand up for their rights and demand justice. We will make sure you and your family have everything you need if you choose to come forward about your experience with sexual assault within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Our attorneys will work tirelessly to obtain the results that you deserve. Call (855) 944-0710 or contact us online today for your confidential case review.

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