USA Water Polo Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can occur anywhere, but it is especially prevalent in situations where there is an imbalance of power. This can include sports teams, where a coach holds a level of power and influence over a player’s future. Recently, a pattern of abuse within USA Water Polo was exposed, leading to a settlement of about $14 million for a dozen survivors.

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How a USA Water Polo Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Help

Coming forward with your story as a survivor is anything but easy. It can bring up memories or emotions you may not be ready to face. An attorney at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi understands this, and is there to provide you with the support and guidance you deserve throughout the legal process. A lawyer will always be on your side and will make sure you are heard at every stage of your case. In addition, he or she will investigate your case, collect evidence and go up against one or more defendants on your behalf. An attorney also has the power to keep your identity anonymous, if preferred.

$14 Million Settlement Against USA Water Polo for Sexual Abuse of Players

Sexual abuse in water polo is something that can affect players at any level, from high school teams in California to Olympic-level athletes. This is a prevalent crime due to issues on an institutional level, such as school districts and USA Water Polo failing to protect players and respond appropriately to allegations of sexual abuse. Although sports organizations have a legal responsibility to protect players, they often fail to fulfill this duty, either carelessly or knowingly.

For example, in the case against USA Water Polo and International Water Polo Club by 12 female survivors, the lawsuit asserted that these governing sports organizations failed to act upon reports and complaints against coach Bahram Hojreh and that this allowed him to continue taking advantage of athletes for many additional months. The charges against Hojreh are 34 counts of sexual abuse against victims during one-on-one coaching sessions from 2012 to 2017 – 9 of which were children at the time.

Morgan Stewart of Manly, Stewart & Finaldi represented 11 out of the 12 women who came forward against USA Water Polo for sexual abuse by Bahram Hojreh. This lawsuit resulted in a $13.5 million settlement for survivors, as well as justice in the form of holding institutions accountable for their misconduct. Additional lawsuits against multiple school districts where Hojreh was allowed to coach are still pending.

Statute of Limitations on USA Water Polo Sexual Abuse

The statute of limitations, or deadline for filing, a sexual abuse or assault case is a controversial subject, as victims often struggle to recognize abuse and come forward. One study of 1,000 survivors found that the average age for someone to report child sexual abuse is 52. Every state has different statutes of limitations on civil sexual abuse and assault lawsuits. Recently, California changed its law to extend the statute of limitations. If you wish to bring a lawsuit in California, you currently have 5 years from the date that you discovered child sexual abuse or until your 40th birthday to do so.

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