Doctor Sexual Abuse – Robert Anderson

As a student at the University of Michigan (UMich), you trust the on-campus physicians to treat you with respect, professionalism and the accepted degree of medical care. If you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse, assault or harassment by a doctor at UMich or another college or university, you have legal rights. Contact the nationally recognized sexual abuse attorneys at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi to discuss your case during a free and entirely confidential consultation.

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  • We are passionate about helping sexual abuse survivors achieve justice and recover the financial compensation that they need to move forward with their lives.
  • Our lawyers have more than 25 years of experience going up against major institutions – including schools, colleges and universities – on behalf of doctor sexual abuse survivors.
  • Our law firm has obtained some of the largest settlements against schools for doctor sexual abuse in history. We represented clients in the high-profile case against Dr. Larry Nassar and Michigan State University.

What Is Doctor Sexual Abuse?

Although a doctor is supposed to touch a patient during a physical exam, including the genitals in certain scenarios, there is a distinct difference between appropriate touching during a medical examination and inappropriate or sexually abusive conduct and behaviors. It is critical to know the difference as a patient. Examples of doctor sexual abuse and harassment include:

  • Conducting an unnecessary physical exam
  • Exploiting the doctor-patient relationship for sexual purposes
  • Remaining in the room while a patient disrobes
  • Excessive intimacy with a patient
  • Invasions of personal space
  • Taking photographs of a patient’s private parts (including a female’s breasts)
  • Groping or fondling a patient
  • Touching a patient inappropriately during an exam
  • Unnecessarily penetrating a patient using fingers or tools, such as an ultrasound probe
  • Raping or attempting to rape a patient (violent sexual assault)
  • Other unethical or inappropriate behaviors

Excessive gift-giving, special treatment, hiring a student to work for the doctor, quid pro quo (this for that) sexual harassment, and declaring feelings for a patient are also examples of sexual abuse by a school physician. If you are not sure if what you experienced constitutes sexual abuse, tell your story to a lawyer who will listen and believe you at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi.

Current Lawsuit Against Dr. Robert E. Anderson and the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is involved in a sexual abuse and assault lawsuit for the crimes of the late Dr. Robert Anderson. Starting in 2018, more than 900 former UMich students have come forward with allegations that they were sexually abused during medical exams by Dr. Anderson on campus between 1960 and 2003. Although the doctor is now deceased, claimants may still be able to hold the University of Michigan accountable for failing to act on complaints against Anderson. Our attorneys can help if you are a survivor.

Despite a record of complaints against the doctor for sexually abusive acts – which include exposing his genitals to students, groping and molesting patients, and performing “medically necessary” rectal exams with his finger – the University of Michigan failed to report Dr. Anderson to the proper authorities, and even promoted him to the position of UMich Team Doctor. We believe that the university should be held accountable for its part in Dr. Anderson’s continuing abuse.

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