Sexual Assault at University of San Francisco

If you experienced sexual assault, abuse, trauma or misconduct against you as a student at the University of San Francisco, you have legal rights. Filing a lawsuit against the individual who assaulted you and/or the university can bring you justice and financial compensation. It can also provide greater mental peace by holding the perpetrator accountable.

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Examples of Campus Sexual Assault at USF

Sexual assault at the University of San Francisco can refer to any type of sexual misconduct or sex crime committed against you while you were on campus. This can include sexual assaults in dorms or on-campus housing, sorority or fraternity houses, school buildings, parking lots, classrooms, libraries, and common areas. Sexual abuse cases in San Francisco can take many forms, including:

  • Unwanted or unwelcome sexual touching
  • Sexual contact without consent
  • Any type of intimate relationship between a teacher and student
  • Inappropriate touching, kissing or hugging
  • Sexual trauma involving physical force, violence or incapacitation
  • Student-on-student sexual assault
  • Rape involving a date-rape drug
  • Hazing that involves sexual assault or abuse
  • On-campus medical provider sexual assault
  • On-campus coach sexual abuse
  • Dorm room sexual assault

Colleges and universities in California have a legal responsibility to keep their students safe. This includes preventing sexual assault as much as possible and having protocols in place for quickly and effectively responding to sexual assault complaints. Unfortunately, the University of San Francisco and other schools have historically kept allegations quiet. They tend to protect their reputations over their students.

Your Rights as a Survivor of Sexual Assault at USF

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault or abuse at the University of San Francisco, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the offender and the university. Schools are held vicariously liable for the actions, behaviors and misconduct of their teachers and other staff members. Most schools and universities in California can be sued for sex crimes committed by professors and administrators.

A university can also be held responsible for student sexual assaults that reasonably could have been prevented, such as sexual violence by other students due to a lack of dorm rules or supervision. The statute of limitations on a sexual assault civil lawsuit in California is 10 years, for the most part. The sooner you act to bring a lawsuit against an assailant or university, however, the stronger your case and the evidence available will be.

What to Do if You Were Sexually Assaulted at the University of San Francisco

If you have suffered sexual assault at the University of San Francisco, report it to school administrators immediately. Contact the Office of Public Safety at (415) 422-2911 for assistance. Document the incident by writing down everything that you can remember while the details are still clear in your mind. Visit your school clinic or an off-campus medical facility for a sexual assault forensic exam within the first few days after the incident. Then, contact a sexual assault lawyer in San Francisco for legal assistance.

Contact a Sexual Assault Lawyer in San Francisco

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