Redlands School District Sexual Abuse

It is against the law to have any type of sexual encounter with a minor. Unfortunately, school settings present many opportunities for abusers to take advantage of innocent children. Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is dedicated to pursuing justice on behalf of survivors in sexual abuse and assault claims against Redlands Unified School District. Discuss how our attorneys can help you and your family during this difficult time. Request a free, confidential consultation today.

What Is School Sexual Abuse?

School sexual abuse refers to any type of sexual contact or nonphysical interaction with a student. It often refers to crimes committed by staff members at the school, including teachers, coaches and administrators. Any type of physical, verbal or visual sexual interaction with a minor is child sexual abuse. This includes kissing, touching, flirting, asking inappropriate questions, fondling, molestation and rape. Even if a child gives his or her consent, sexual contact with a minor is a crime, as someone under the age of 18 legally cannot give his or her consent to sexual activity.

Redlands Unified School District Has a History of Sexual Abuse by Teachers

School districts have a responsibility to protect the welfare, safety and wellbeing of their students. Unfortunately, many school districts are negligent or careless in fulfilling their responsibilities. Numerous lawsuits have proven that school districts often cover up sexual abuse and assault allegations rather than reporting them to the authorities. There is perhaps no district in California as guilty of this as Redlands, as demonstrated by the sheer number of sexual abuse cases it has faced.

Teacher Sexual Abuse: Kevin Patrick Kirkland

In 2016, several plaintiffs came forward with civil lawsuits alleging sexual battery by a former teacher at Redlands High School, Kevin Kirkland. Kirkland taught special ed math. The lawsuits alleged that the Redlands school district received reports of his misconduct in 2006 but did nothing to stop his behavior or protect its students.

Teacher Sexual Abuse: Laura Whitehurst

Also in 2016, Manly, Stewart & Finaldi achieved a $6 million settlement (the largest single-victim settlement against a school district in a sexual abuse case in California’s history) for sexual abuse against a male student by Citrus Valley High School teacher Laura Whitehurst, in which she became pregnant and birthed a child. Whitehurst is currently facing another lawsuit by a second plaintiff as of 2021.

Teacher Sexual Abuse: Sean Ramiro Lopez

Under California’s extended statute of limitations, four plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in January 2020 against former Clement Middle School teacher Sean Lopez. The lawsuits allege that the school district knew about Lopez’s behaviors and even investigated allegations but did not report anything to the police or terminate Lopez’s employment.

These are just three examples of an astounding number of sexual abuse and assault cases brought against teachers in the Redlands School District. Over the last 10 years, more than 20 teachers and administrators in this district have been accused of sexual misconduct with students. This is why John C. Manly calls this district the “national poster child for sexual abuse of students.”

How Can We Help?

Hiring a school sexual abuse lawyer can help you and your family protect your rights while you go up against a school or school district in pursuit of justice. Your lawyer can investigate the incident, gather evidence of sexual abuse, answer your legal questions and protect you as a client during this difficult time. Your lawyer can negotiate with defendants on your behalf while you concentrate on healing. An attorney can also keep your identity anonymous throughout your case, if desired.

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