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Has Your Child Been A Victim Of Sexual Abuse?

Sadly, many children are sexually abused and assaulted every year. The signs of sexual abuse may go unnoticed unless one is wary of the symptoms and stays alert to any suspicious changes in their child’s behavior. Sexual abuse can take place in many forms and is extremely emotionally and psychologically damaging for those children unfortunate enough to be victimized by it. If you have noticed any strange or unusual changes in your child such as: sullenness, an adult meeting alone with your child more than once, or any similar circumstances, it is in your best interests to speak with a San Francisco sexual abuse attorney from the firm at your earliest convenience. We understand the pain and suffering you are going through if you have recently learned that your child has been abused. If you are unsure about whether or not your child has been abused, but you feel that it may be a strong possibility, please get the legal assistance you need.

Our highly experienced and dedicated legal team assists clients in all types of sexual abuse cases, such as child sexual abuse, sexually abused in school, coach sexual abuse, foster care abuse, Boy Scout abuse, sexual abuse in sports, sexual abuse at work, government sexual abuse, clergy sexual abuse, incest, sexual harassment, sexual harassment in school, clergy sexual harassment, child sexual harassment, sexual harassment in sports, coach sexual harassment, elder sexual harassment, government sexual harassment, foster case sexual harassment, Boy Scout sexual harassment, sexual harassment at work, sexual hazing, school sexual hazing, work sexual hazing, government sexual hazing, sexual hazing on sports teams, sexual bullying, internet sex crimes, online sexual harassment, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, sex with a minor, rape, spousal rape, sexual assault, and social media sexual harassment.

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It may be necessary to utilize resources such as child specialists in order to evaluate your child and get the required information. It is imperative that not time is wasted even if you merely suspect that an individual may have abused your child. If you are unsure as to who may have abused your child but feel as though it may have occurred, we can help you to discover the truth. Taking the proper legal steps may not be easy, but it is the right thing to do. Without an experienced attorney at your side fighting for you and your child, things will only get worse. We have helped countless clients to get the best treatment for their children so that they can eventually move on with their lives as much as possible. Our team of powerful attorneys has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for clients in past child abuse cases. Please call our firm today so that we can assist you immediately.

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