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Cases of Sexual Abuse in Riverside: Proven Legal Representation

When considering legal action in a sexual abuse case, it is critical that you enlist the help of a Riverside sexual abuse lawyer from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi. Our legal team has years of advocacy to survivors of abuse, whether a case of clergy abuse, abuse at the hands of school personnel, government employees or any other type of sexual abuse. Our firm has become prominent in the field of representing survivors of sexual abuse and has recovered many multi-million dollar settlements in high-profile clergy abuse cases in California and other states.

We seek financial settlements throughout negotiation or in court. We feel that any person, whether an innocent child or adult, deserves justice when they have been victimized by a predator. Each case is carefully managed, and your privacy will be our utmost concern. We know how difficult it can be to come forward, even when the sexual abuse took place in the distant past. Most survivors of abuse have long term emotional damage, and the perpetrator must be held accountable and face the consequences of their criminal activities. We can assist those who have been victims of clergy abuse in Riverside.

Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Riverside

Attorney John Manly and his team take on sexual abuse cases with a passion for justice that is unmatched. Our firm has recovered many large settlements over our years in practice, and can advise you how we can proceed in your specific case. Many of the perpetrators were allowed to continue working with children even when they had been identified as child abusers, compounding the crime and those who allowed it to occur. We are intent on holding accountable and bringing any person who has injured our client in a sexual abuse case to justice. Many of our cases have resulted in criminal charges being filed by the authorities and the perpetrator sent to prison where they can finally be stopped from continuing to injure innocent victims.

Our firm provides experienced legal representation in all types of sexual abuse cases, including but not limited to child sexual abuse, sexually abused in school, coach sexual abuse, foster care abuse, Boy Scout abuse, sexual abuse in sports, sexual abuse at work, government sexual abuse, clergy sexual abuse, incest, sexual harassment, sexual harassment in school, clergy sexual harassment, child sexual harassment, sexual harassment in sports, coach sexual harassment, elder sexual harassment, government sexual harassment, foster case sexual harassment, Boy Scout sexual harassment, sexual harassment at work, sexual hazing, school sexual hazing, work sexual hazing, government sexual hazing, sexual hazing on sports teams, sexual bullying, internet sex crimes, online sexual harassment, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, sex with a minor, rape, spousal rape, sexual assault, and representing those who have suffered from social media sexual harassment.

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