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Civil Claims in Sexual Abuse Cases in Long Beach

Those who are survivors of sexual abuse face specific challenges as they move forward in their lives. Many have long term personal issues that have been the result of the illegal actions of a predator that has been in a position of authority, whether a church worker, teacher, coach, boss or government authority. Children have often been the target of these predators, although many cases of abuse target adults, both men and women. There are many such cases that have been proven to have taken place throughout the Long Beach area, and when seeking a Long Beach sexual abuse lawyer, the legal team at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is available to discuss your case, always with your confidentiality as our utmost concern.

Experienced and Prominent Sexual Abuse Lawyer in Long Beach

Our firm has risen to prominence through hard work and committed advocacy to survivors of sexual abuse. Having won many high profile civil cases, we have won some of the largest monetary civil awards, both at trial and in negotiated settlements, for men and women who were sexually abused as children. The reason for their unrivaled success resides in their deep intrinsic knowledge in the institutions that have harbored sex offenders, including the Catholic Church.

The firm provides legal representation to clients throughout the Long Beach area in all types of sexual abuse cases, including cases of:

  • Child sexual abuse
  • Sexually abused in school
  • Coach sexual abuse
  • Foster care abuse
  • Boy Scout abuse
  • Sexual abuse in sports
  • Sexual abuse at work
  • Government sexual abuse
  • Clergy sexual abuse
  • Incest
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment in school
  • Clergy sexual harassment
  • Child sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment in sports
  • Coach sexual harassment
  • Elder sexual harassment
  • Government sexual harassment
  • Foster case sexual harassment
  • Boy Scout sexual harassment
  • Sexual harassment at work
  • Sexual hazing
  • School sexual hazing
  • Work sexual hazing
  • Government sexual hazing
  • Sexual hazing on sports teams
  • Sexual bullying
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Online sexual harassment
  • Cyber stalking
  • Cyber bullying
  • Sex with a minor
  • Rape
  • Spousal rape
  • Sexual assault, as well as representing people in social media sexual harassment cases.

If you don’t see your type of case on this list, contact us for a free consultation to discuss the details of your particular situation. We are highly experienced Long Beach sexual abuse lawyers.

Long Beach Sexual Abuse FAQs

What Is California’s Definition of Sexual Abuse?

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Civil Sexual Abuse Claim?

What Financial Compensation Is Available for Sexual Abuse Survivors?

What Is California’s Statute of Limitations?

What Steps Should I Take After Being Sexually Abused in Long Beach?

How Can a Long Beach Sexual Abuse Attorney Help Me?

What Is California’s Definition of Sexual Abuse?

The terms “sexual abuse” and “sexual assault” are often used interchangeably. However, there are distinctions between these crimes on a legal level. California Penal Code Section 243.4 defines sexual assault and battery as touching the intimate part of another person while the victim is unlawfully restrained by the accused or an accomplice, if the touching is against the will of the victim and is for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification or abuse.

California Penal Code Section 261 defines the crimes of rape and carnal abuse of children. Rape is an act of sexual intercourse accomplished without the victim’s legal and knowing consent, including accomplished against a victim’s will by means of force, violence or duress. In California, the age of legal consent is 18 years old. Any sexual contact with a child under the age of 18 constitutes sexual abuse. 

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Civil Sexual Abuse Claim?

A case of sexual abuse in Long Beach could result in civil and criminal action taken against the perpetrator. As a survivor of abuse, you may know that what happened to you is a crime that can lead to a criminal conviction and sentence against the abuser. However, you may not realize that you also have the right to file a civil claim against a perpetrator (and potentially third parties) in pursuit of financial compensation for the harm that you have suffered. 

A civil sexual abuse claim seeks compensation from one or more accused parties (defendants) to make a victim (plaintiff) whole again. Identifying the legally responsible, or liable, party in your sexual abuse case may require assistance from an attorney. An attorney can investigate the abuse incident to search for signs of third-party negligence; namely, by an institution that had a responsibility to protect you from sex crimes, such as a school or church.

Institutions in California can face liability for sexual abuse cases due to their own negligence or that of their employees. In personal injury law, negligence refers to the failure to use proper care. For example, if a school failed to conduct background checks on a new teacher or ignored sexual misconduct complaints against a staff member, the school could be held liable for negligence. Discuss the possibility of filing a sexual abuse claim against an institution in Long Beach with one of our attorneys.

Types of Financial Compensation Available for Sexual Abuse Survivors

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we are aware that no amount of financial compensation could ever be sufficient to make up for the extremely traumatic experience of sexual abuse or assault. We are here for you during this difficult time to help you heal physically and emotionally. However, we also hope to help you recover financially so that you can move forward with greater financial stability and peace of mind.

 The financial compensation that may be available from a civil sexual abuse case in Long Beach includes:

  • Present and estimated future necessary medical care
  • Prescription medications
  • Psychological counseling or therapies
  • Lost wages and loss of capacity to earn
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and psychological harm
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Relocation, travel and out-of-pocket costs

 These are all compensatory damages that are meant to compensate a victim for his or her losses. They are divided into economic (tangible) and noneconomic (intangible) damages. In some cases, punitive damages may also be available. This is an additional amount awarded to punish a defendant for gross negligence or intent to harm. Our attorneys can help you understand the potential value of your sexual abuse civil lawsuit and seek maximum compensation on your behalf.

What Is California’s Statute of Limitations?

It is important to realize that you only have a limited amount of time to file a sexual abuse claim in Long Beach. California has a law known as a statute of limitations that places a strict deadline on a plaintiff’s ability to file a personal injury claim. However, California law was recently updated to extend the statute of limitations on sexual abuse and sexual assault cases.

As of 2019, Assembly Bill (AB) 218 gives child sexual abuse survivors in California 22 years from the date that they turn 18 to file related civil lawsuits. Victims have until age 40 to seek financial damages for sexual abuse incidents that took place when the victim was under the age of 18. Survivors of adult sexual abuse and violence have 10 years from the last incident of abuse.

The statute of limitations may be extended in cases involving a delayed discovery of sexual abuse. Delayed discovery of the connection between an adult’s mental health condition and a case of child sexual abuse gives the victim five years from the date of discovery to file, even if this is after the age of 40. Adult victims may be given three years from the date of discovery in cases of delayed discovery.

Steps to Take if You Have Been Sexually Abused or Assaulted in Long Beach

If you are sexually abused, assaulted or harassed by someone in Long Beach, put your physical health and safety first. Go to a safe place and tell someone what happened, whether it is the police or a trusted friend or family member. Get medical care right away. Visit a hospital that offers a sexual assault forensic exam so that medical professionals can collect any available DNA evidence from the attacker.

If you wish to press criminal charges against the perpetrator for a sex crime, cooperate with a police investigation and the criminal justice process as much as you feel comfortable. In the meantime, focus on your mental health by seeking therapy and counseling for the trauma that you endured, or join a support group for sexual assault survivors. You do not have to suffer through this alone. 

Know that what happened is not your fault. Being sexually abused or taken advantage of is a crime that is not okay. When you are ready to seek justice, contact an attorney at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi for a confidential case review. You may have grounds to bring a lawsuit against your abuser as well as one or more institutions. Filing a civil lawsuit in addition to pressing criminal charges can provide you with a more complete sense of justice and closure.

How a Long Beach Sexual Abuse Attorney Can Help

Hiring an experienced sexual abuse plaintiff’s attorney can make things easier for you during this incredibly difficult and traumatic time in your life. Seeking justice for a heinous crime such as sexual abuse or assault can be simpler with an attorney in your corner speaking up for your rights and protecting your best interests every step of the way. 

A lawyer from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi can help you by providing many tailored legal services, such as:

  • Thoroughly investigating the sexual abuse incident to search for signs of negligence and collect any available evidence.
  • Identifying one or more liable parties, including an institution that negligently failed to protect you from an abuser.
  • Filling out confusing legal claims paperwork and filing it with the civil courthouse in LA County before the applicable deadline.
  • Taking over negotiations with an insurance company to achieve a fair and full settlement on your behalf or taking your case to trial in Long Beach, if necessary.
  • Helping you achieve your case goals while making sure you have everything you need as a sexual abuse survivor, including keeping your identity anonymous, if desired.

Our law firm is known for offering strong legal advocacy and aggressive representation to survivors of sexual abuse in Long Beach and throughout California. We understand the steps that it takes to file a civil claim and hold wrongdoers accountable for the unforgivable crime of sexual abuse.

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