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The idea of committing sexual abuse against a child is a horrific thought. Many parents that find their child was the victim of sexual abuse are completely taken by surprise. It is always important to remain aware of the symptoms of sexual abuse in your child. Although criminal courts will punish these abhorrent crimes, if one wishes to obtain compensation for the harm done to their child, one will have to speak with a qualified Fresno sexual abuse attorney.

Our firm has helped to recover hundreds of millions of dollars for families that had been victimized by sexual abuse. There is no way to take away the pain and suffering that your child has been made to live with, however, with the correct counseling, he or she may be able to eventually return to normal life. If is important to ensure that the attorney you hire has the experience needed to successfully pursue your case against the sexual predator involved. In addition, you may also be able to prevent the perpetrator from committing future crimes against children.

Adults that are victimized by sexual predators also need to know that they have committed legal counsel with extensive experience in addressing sexual abuse, harassment, hazing and other criminal sexual acts successfully in civil court. Our legal team has garnered a reputation throughout the country as a preeminent firm in all such cases.

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Some of the most common symptoms of sexual abuse include:

  • Sullenness
  • Disinterest in activities that formerly elicited interest
  • Private meetings with an adult
  • Acting strangely

There are numerous symptoms of sexual abuse that can be listed, but the most important aspect suspected sexual abuse is speaking with a seasoned sexual abuse attorney that knows how to handle your case in order to protect you and your child. We understand the outrage you are feeling, and we believe we can help. We have successfully assisted many in your position. Please call the firm today so that you can receive a free consultation. We are ready to assist you during this difficult time.

We represent clients throughout the Fresno area in all types of sexual abuse cases, including but not limited to child sexual abuse, sexually abused in school, coach sexual abuse, foster care abuse, Boy Scout abuse, sexual abuse in sports, sexual abuse at work, government sexual abuse, clergy sexual abuse, incest, sexual harassment, sexual harassment in school, clergy sexual harassment, child sexual harassment, sexual harassment in sports, coach sexual harassment, elder sexual harassment, government sexual harassment, foster case sexual harassment, Boy Scout sexual harassment, sexual harassment at work, sexual hazing, school sexual hazing, work sexual hazing, government sexual hazing, sexual hazing on sports teams, sexual bullying, internet sex crimes, online sexual harassment, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, sex with a minor, rape, spousal rape, sexual assault, and cases of social media sexual harassment. We represent clients who are survivors of clergy abuse in dioceses throughout the state.

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