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Woman Files Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Assault by Los Angeles Doctor Previously Charged with Sexual Abuse of a Patient

In 2019, a lawsuit was filed against Dr. Adetokunbo Kamson, alleging he sexually assaulted a woman under the guise of medical treatment, marking another serious claim against a doctor with a history of sexual misconduct convictions.

Irvine, California – Attorneys representing an alleged victim of Dr. Adetokunbo Kamson filed a lawsuit today accusing the doctor of repeatedly sexually assaulting her under the guise of performing legitimate medical treatments. Also named as defendants are the Central Neighborhood Health Foundation (CNHF) and the Diop Family Care Medical Group. It is alleged that Defendant Diop was the employer and supervisor of Dr. Kamson and that Diop is owned and operated by CNHF.

During an appointment in the Spring of 2019, the woman alleges that Kamson “used his position of trust and authority to sexually abuse JANE MJ DOE by engaging in acts that include but are not limited to: forcing Plaintiff to strip naked from the waist down; groping Plaintiff's breasts; and digitally penetrating Plaintiff's vagina for no legitimate medical purpose and for no other reason than to satisfy his own prurient sexual desires.”

According to findings by the California Medical Board, Dr. Kamson “was convicted of misdemeanor battery for sexually assaulting one of his female patients” in 1997. He was forced to surrender his medical license in 1998. It was reinstated in 2006 on probation after Kamson acknowledged that his denials of molesting his former patient “were lies” and that “he had a sexual motive for the contact.” The terms of his probation required him to have a female chaperone present while examining or treating female patients.

According to the Medical Board report, Kamson began working at the Diop Family Care Medical Group in 2006. In 2012, The Medical Board found that Dr. Kamson routinely violated the terms of his probation and falsely testified under oath that he had complied with them. In September of 2012, the Board suspended Dr. Kamson’s medical license for 60 days. Dr. Diop testified that he believes Dr. Kamson is “honest and ethical.”

“The Diop Family Medical Group hired Dr. Adetokunbo Kamson knowing that he was a convicted criminal and known sexual predator. They continued to employ him and gave him access to patients, including our client, after they knew he violated the terms of his probation. That is a textbook definition of negligent hiring and negligent supervision of an employee. Our client never should have met this monster. Dr. Kamson and the institutions that employed and enabled his abuse must all be held accountable for his actions,” said victim’s attorney Cristina Nolan.

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