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Statement by Nassar Victims’ Attorney John Manly on Historic $380 Million Settlement with USAG and USOPC

Attorney John Manly announced a historic $380 million settlement with USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee over the Larry Nassar scandal, bringing total compensation for survivors to $880 million.

Irvine, California – John C. Manly, lead attorney representing victims of former Olympic Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar, issued the following statement regarding the agreement announced today with USA Gymnastics, the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and their insurers to fund a $380 Million settlement with the Nassar victims.

“This historic settlement ends another chapter in the Larry Nassar scandal. Survivors have now received a total of $880 million in compensation for their pain and suffering at the hands of this monster and the institutions who enabled him: Michigan State University, USA Gymnastics, and the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee. These organizations spent more than $100 million on corporate lawyers to evade their legal and moral responsibility. We prevailed for one simple reason: the courage and tenacity of the survivors. These brave women relived their abuse publicly in countless media interviews so that not one more child will be forced to suffer physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in pursuit of their dreams. There is one more chapter yet to be written: the criminal prosecution of the FBI officials who failed to investigate and stop Nassar, together with the USAG and USOPC officials who conspired with them to impede the investigation. We will continue to pursue justice on behalf of the hundreds of little girls and young women who were molested as a direct result of their obstruction of justice,” said John Manly.

Manly Stewart & Finaldi is the nation’s leading firm representing victims of sexual abuse by physicians, Universities, school districts, churches, and sports organizations. They are the lead attorneys representing victims of former Olympic Team doctor Larry Nassar and secured $880 million in settlements. They were the lead attorneys representing victims of former USC gynecologist George Tyndall, resulting in an historic $852 million settlement. They currently represent 135 women in the sexual abuse litigation against UCLA and their former gynecologist/oncologist James Heaps. They were the lead attorneys in a $140 million settlement with LA Unified School District in the Miramonte cases. The firm has successfully recovered more than 3 billion dollars for its clients through jury verdicts and settlements.

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