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George Tyndall Survivors and Their Attorneys Announce a Historic $852 Million Global Settlement in USC Sex Abuse Case

Attorneys representing 710 survivors of former USC gynecologist George Tyndall announced a historic $852 million global settlement in lawsuits against the University of Southern California, marking the largest sexual abuse settlement against any university in history.

Los Angeles – Attorneys representing 710 survivors of former USC gynecologist George Tyndall in lawsuits against the University of Southern California announced a global settlement in principle totaling $852 million dollars. This is the largest sexual abuse settlement against any university and the largest personal injury settlement against any college or university in history.

Manly Stewart & Finaldi represented the largest number of women in this case (234) and were co-liaison council for all the women who were part of this litigation.

There will be no confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements attached to the settlement.

Survivor’s attorney John Manly said “This historic settlement came about through the bravery of hundreds of women and girls who had the courage to stand up and refuse to be silenced. We appreciate the diligent efforts of the survivors’ attorneys who worked with us to obtain this measure of justice and healing. The enormous size of this settlement speaks to the immense harm done to our clients and the culpability of USC. It is the direct result of a billionaire dominated Board of Trustees that placed fundraising prestige and the ‘USC Brand ‘above the safety of vulnerable female students. It is the sincere hope of all of the survivors that the legacy of this settlement will cause a dramatic change in this toxic culture.”

Survivors’ attorney Vince Finaldi said “Sexual abuse by university doctors is an epidemic in the United States. So is the proclivity of university officials to enable this abuse and attempt to cover it up. We have seen the devastating harm to victims of sexual assault by doctors at USC, UCLA, MSU, University of Michigan, Ohio State, and Columbia University. The massive amount of this settlement puts every university on notice that there is a heavy price for failing to protect students and patients at University clinics from serial sexual predators.”

George Tyndall survivor and career sex crimes prosecutor Audry Nafziger said “As a survivor of sexual assault by former USC gynecologist George Tyndall while attending USC’s Law School from 1989-1992, I am extremely proud of the generations of my sister survivors who stepped forward and made this settlement possible. Serial sexual predators like Tyndall thrive because they are not held to account when discovered. When powerful institutions enable their abuse and cover up their crimes, countless unsuspecting humans are deeply harmed. It is my sincere hope that this settlement is just the first step in serving the full measure of justice on George Tyndall and his enablers at USC.”

George Tyndall served as the only gynecologist at the USC Student Health Center for nearly 30 years. The lawsuits against him and USC alleged that the University received numerous complaints of Tyndall’s sexually abusive behavior dating back to at least the year 2000, actively and deliberately concealed Tyndall’s sexual abuse, and continued to allow Tyndall to have unfettered sexual access to the young female USC students in his care; all done to protect USC’s reputation and its financial coffers.

Los Angeles County prosecutors have filed eleven counts of sexual assault and battery against Tyndall. If convicted of all charges, Tyndall faces up to 64 years in prison.

Manly Stewart & Finaldi is the nation’s leading firm representing victims of sexual abuse by physicians, universities, school districts, churches, and sports organizations. They were the lead attorneys representing victims of former Olympic Team doctor Larry Nassar, resulting in a $500 million-dollar settlement against Michigan State University. They currently represent more than 125 women in the sexual abuse litigation against UCLA and their former gynecologist/oncologist James Heaps. The firm has successfully recovered more than 2 billion dollars for its clients through jury verdicts and settlements.

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