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Alleged Victims of George Tyndall and Their Attorney Call for Criminal Investigation into USC in Response to LA Times Report

Following a Los Angeles Times report on George Tyndall's decades-long predatory behavior, especially towards Asian students, and findings of "psychopathy," calls have been made for an independent criminal investigation into the University of Southern California's handling of the matter.

Irvine California – A bombshell report by the Los Angeles Times that revealed decades of complaints that campus gynecologist George Tyndall was preying on vulnerable Asian students and had signs of “psychopathy” has prompted calls for an independent criminal investigation of the University of Southern California.

The LA Times story followed the public release of internal university records by a federal judge who is reviewing a class action lawsuit brought by former patients of Tyndall against USC. In addition to revealing new information that substantiates previous claims that Tyndall targeted international students from Asian countries and students of Asian descent, the report revealed for the first time that USC hired a panel of medical experts to evaluate Tyndall. According to the reports, these experts said that Tyndall had signs of “psychopathy.” After receiving this information, USC did not report Tyndall to the medical board or to authorities. Instead, lawyers for the University arranged a secret deal that allowed Tyndall to leave the University with a substantial financial payout and retain his medical license.

Attorney John Manly, who represents more than 200 alleged victims of Dr. Tyndall, called for an independent investigation of the University.

“This disturbing new information reveals that the USC administration permitted and concealed discrimination against students of Asian descent, which is a violation of federal law. The proposed class action settlement will continue this cover-up by protecting the USC administration from the discovery of other damaging documents and the necessity of forcing top administrators to testify under oath about what they know and when they knew it. It is time for a law enforcement agency to open an independent criminal investigation against the USC administration, demand documents, serve search warrants, and hold law breakers accountable,” said Mr. Manly.

Mai Mizuno, a 2019 honors graduate of USC, reacted strongly to the University’s failure to protect students of Asian descent.

“This report confirms what I and many other survivors have been saying since this scandal became public a year ago. George Tyndall targeted Asian women for sexual harassment and assault based upon their race. The USC administration apparently knew about this problem for years before he assaulted me and did nothing to stop him. They covered it up, and it took action by a federal judge to bring this information to the public,” said Mai Mizuno.

Audry Nafziger, an alleged victim of Tyndall who is now a senior deputy district attorney in Ventura County and experienced prosecutor of sexually violent predators, said “As an experienced sex crimes prosecutor, I can tell you that when medical experts say that a sexual predator has signs of ‘psychopathy,’ that person is a danger to the community and should be reported to authorities. Instead, USC paid for Tyndall’s silence and allowed him to remain a licensed physician. Equally disturbing is the fact that District Attorney Jackie Lacey has still not taken Tyndall off the streets after a year of investigation and criminal complaints from more than 100 women.”

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