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9 Women File Lawsuits Alleging Sexual Assault by Former UCLA Gynecologist Dr. James Heaps

Nine women have filed lawsuits against former UCLA gynecologist Dr. James Heaps, accusing him of sexual assault under the guise of medical treatment, with allegations spanning from 1989 to 2017.

Irvine California – Attorneys representing alleged victims of former UCLA Oncologist/Gynecologist Dr. James Heaps filed lawsuits today accusing the doctor of repeatedly sexual assaulting them under the guise of performing legitimate medical treatments. Two lawsuits were filed, one on behalf of 3 women who were UCLA students at the time of the alleged assaults and the other on behalf of six women who were non-student patients at the UCLA Medical Center.

During visits that stretched from 1989 to 2017, the women allege that Heaps did “sexually abuse and assault each of the Plaintiffs by, among other things: groping and fondling Plaintiffs’ breasts under the guise of conducting ‘breast examinations;’ digitally penetrating Plaintiffs’ vaginas under the guise of conducting ‘pelvic examinations’ and rubbing and caressing the exterior of Plaintiffs’ genitalia, all for no legitimate medical purpose and for no other reason than to satisfy his own sexual desires.”

According to media reports, the University of California Regents paid a woman $2.25 million who alleged that Heaps sexually assaulted her while he was practicing at UCLA. The University also paid $1.3 million to a UCLA nurse-practitioner who alleged sexual harassment and retaliation for her participation in UCLA internal investigations of Heap’s misconduct.

In addition, about 75 people have contacted UCLA about Heaps since the University announced that Los Angeles County prosecutors had filed charges last week. Heaps also faces criminal charges of sexual battery on two patients.

“UCLA tried to settle one case in secret hoping that more victims would not come forward. The secret is out now and I encourage every victim of Dr. Heaps to contact law enforcement and step forward to demand justice. If you have been a victim of Dr. Heaps, do not contact UCLA. Call California Department of Consumer Affairs Investigator Patrick Foo at (562) 560-1528” said sexual abuse victim’s attorney John Manly.

Manly Stewart & Finaldi currently represent more than 50 alleged victims of Dr. James Heaps and 200 alleged victims of disgraced former USC gynecologist George Tyndall.

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