California Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Are You a Victim of Sexual Harassment?

When someone at your workplace, school or other social or professional setting has made unwanted comments or advances of a sexual nature toward you, you have the right to take legal action against that party to hold them accountable for their actions. Our California sexual harassment attorneys recognize that harassment can take many forms and occur in a wide range of settings including:

If you or someone you care about has become a victim of sexual harassment, it is in your best interests to obtain the legal representation of a highly qualified California sexual abuse attorney that is well versed in cases of all the aforementioned scenarios. You will need to understand your legal rights and how to keep them protected throughout your case.

Experienced California Sexual Harassment Attorney

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, our seasoned legal team is extensively experienced in cases of sexual harassment and can provide you with the high level of advocacy and guidance you need and deserve. We understand that it can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially when the harasser is in a position of power such as your boss, teacher or coach. We will confidentially discuss the matter with you and let you know our recommendations to move forward in your case, giving you the advice you need to effectively put an end to the harassment and seek justice for the wrong that has been done.

Our focus and top priority in any case of this nature is to help produce the best results possible and we will employ every available measure to pursue this objective. You do not have to accept this illegal and unethical behavior and we are committed to assisting you in bringing closure, and protecting anyone else that crosses paths with the abuser in the future.

Contact a California sexual harassment lawyer at our firm now for solid legal advice and effective representation in your case.