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Internet Sex Crime Attorneys

The development is the internet has literally changed the world we live in. It is an amazing resource and enables one to obtain information about virtually any topic in an instant, as well as virtually travel around the world and connect with people everywhere in real time. But there is a dark side to the internet, and one of the worse elements of this is the proliferation of internet sex crimes.

Tragically, these crimes usually revolve around those most vulnerable: children. From downloading and/or sharing pornographic photos and videos of minors to going online and soliciting an underage child for sex, internet sex crimes further the exploitation of young people and adults. Joking and degrading sexual emails, chats and other sexual crimes are committed every day, resulting in emotional anguish to the individual on the receiving end.

If you or a loved one have become a victim of these acts online, speak with an experienced internet sex crime lawyer to learn more about your rights and legal options.

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What If I Am Being Stalked or Harassed Online?

Our online sexual harassment attorneys recognize stalking as a common sex crime. Cyberstalking refers to stalking a person or group of people using electronic means. This can involve repeatedly communicating with someone via the internet, such as a barrage of messages, solicitations for sex, defamation or threatening emails. Online sexual harassment can refer to any communication of a sexual nature without the recipient’s consent. Examples include unsolicited nude photographs, pornography, requests for sexual favors, sexualization, child exploitation, discrimination, threats and intimidation.

If someone is stalking or harassing you online, collect evidence of the behavior. Print messages that show the incriminating behavior and write down the person’s name or username. Then, block the person from contacting you. Almost all online platforms have ways of blocking certain users. Blocking the person from contacting you may resolve the issue. Take advantage of privacy settings to control who sees your content and information. If the incident caused you harm or you wish to take your case to the next step, report it to the police.

It is against the law to harass someone online. Cyberstalking is also against the law, as is making credible threats through electronic means. Reporting the individual who is engaging in these behaviors could lead to the police tracking the user down and punishing him or her. A conviction for an online sex crime could take the perpetrator off the internet, preventing others from also becoming targets. Identifying the perpetrator could also allow you to file a civil claim against him or her for your damages. Get help from a stalker attorney to learn more about your options.

How Can I Prove an Internet Sex Crime?

To have a successful civil claim against someone for online harassment, you or your lawyer will need to prove harassment. The burden of proof rests with the plaintiff’s side in any civil claim. Working with an attorney from our law firm can help you prove your case using steps such as gathering evidence and hiring expert witnesses. Our internet sex crime lawyers have represented enough cases to understand the types of evidence the courts look for against a perpetrator. We can help you collect this evidence and present it before a judge and jury. You may be able to get a head start, however, before you hire an attorney.

  • Document everything
  • Construct a timeline of events
  • Write down your experience in detail, including how you feel
  • Take screenshots of photos or messages sent to you
  • Print out all online communication between you and the offender
  • Get statements from friends and family you told about the incident
  • Make a list of ways in which the online harassment affected you

After you gather evidence, learn internet sex crime laws and how they might apply to your case. Familiarizing yourself with related laws can help you determine whether you have a case. If you wish to receive personalized counsel or learn more about your case, retain a lawyer from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi. We have years of experience exclusively handling sex crime civil cases on behalf of survivors. We can help you identify online

Are There Any Limitations to a Claim?

States have statutes of limitations that place deadlines on bringing different types of civil claims. Your deadline for bringing an internet sex crime claim will depend on the nature of the crime. If you are bringing a personal injury claim for emotional distress or physical harm, you will generally have two years from the incident that affected you to bring the claim. For a libel or slander claim, however, you will only have one year. Learn the exact limit on your claim by contacting a lawyer at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi for a free review.

What You Need to Know About Solicitation of a Minor

With the increasing usage of the internet, it is no surprise that cybercrime has exploded as well. This includes sex-related crimes. Usually, the victims of these crimes are children due to their vulnerable nature. One of the most common internet sex crimes involving children is the online solicitation of a minor. This involves an adult over the age of eighteen purposefully luring or enticing a child into committing a sexual act or meeting with the purpose of a sexual encounter.

Due to the nature of the internet, it is easy for an adult to pretend to be someone younger than they are. By sending pictures of a juvenile, adding details and falsifying the truth, these adults can lure a minor into trusting them – often convincing them to meet them.

What if a Loved One is a Victim of Internet Sex Crimes?

If you or your child has been targeted by online predators, contact an attorney in order to obtain experienced legal support. We will speak with you and find out everything regarding your situation and then relentlessly pursue those who seek to harm your child. Our legal team features some of the leading internet sex crime attorneys in the field of childhood sexual abuse and we have won some of the largest monetary awards for men and woman who were sexually abused as children. We are passionate about filing claims and lawsuit against those who prey on children or adults through the internet, as well as securing financial compensation for the pain and suffering they experience.

Protecting Victims of Online Internet Sex Crimes

The internet can be a dangerous place for an unsuspecting child. Sexual predators go online and target minors for sex, attempt to arrange meetings with them for sex, trick them into sending pornographic images, and download, upload and share pornographic images of underage children. The predators can pretend to be friends with kids in chat rooms and troll social media sites looking for new young victims to approach. If you or your child has been targeted, don’t suffer in silence. Sexual predators are some should be held accountable, both in criminal and civil court. Seek legal counsel and help bring these criminals to justice.

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We understand these situations are very private and emotionally difficult, and our legal team has deep compassion, dedication and a high degree of sensitivity to the matters that must be addressed. We are committed to relentlessly pursuing the best possible outcome to bring justice in your case and closure to you and your family

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