California Child Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Were You or Your Child Sexually Harassed?

Making sexual comments or advances toward children is a crime that can cause confusion and extreme emotional difficulty for those who are targeted by a predator. This often happens in settings such as school, in sports, at church or while working at a job as a young adult. Children who are subject to this predatory behavior often are unsure of what to do and many parents are just as bewildered about what their rights are to stop it from happening to their child as well as others in the future.

If your child has been sexually harassed, it is within your rights to take legal action to cease this activity, and the best way to learn what your legal recourses are, is to discuss the details of your situation with a highly competent California child sexual harassment lawyer that is well versed in the laws and procedures that pertain to sexual harassment lawsuits.

We Handle All Types of Child Sexual Harassment Cases

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, our seasoned California child sexual harassment attorneys have successfully represented countless families in child sexual harassment cases of:

Every California child sexual abuse lawyer at our firm takes great pride in the fact that we are able to produce highly favorable results for families in cases of child sexual harassment. This not only pursues justice and a certain level of emotional closure for the wrong that has been done, but also is a way to help other children avoid experiencing sexual harassment or sexual abuse in the future. We are acutely aware of the emotional difficulty that these types of cases can create, which is why we handle them with the utmost compassion, sensitivity and strict confidentiality. For strong, dedicated representation in your case, our team of lawyers is prepared to provide you with the high level of guidance and advocacy you need in your legal matter.

Contact a California child sexual harassment attorney at our firm now to learn what steps can be employed to seek justice in your child’s case.