Orange County Internet Sex Crimes Lawyer

The internet has given rise to new ways to sexually harass and abuse victims. Today’s perpetrators can coerce, solicit, threaten, harass or blackmail victims online. As a victim of an internet sex crime, you may have the right to file a claim for financial compensation against the perpetrator.

An Orange County online sexual crime lawyer from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi can help you understand the key elements of your case, such as its potential value and who may owe you damages. Call (949) 252-9990 today to request a free, confidential consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

Why Internet Sexual Abuse Victims Choose Us

  • Our managing partner, Attorney John C. Manly, has devoted his life to combatting brutal crimes such as online sexual abuse. He is an award-winning Orange County sexual abuse lawyer with more than 20 years of experience representing sexual assault victims.
  • Our firm uses tried and true legal strategies to optimize each client’s odds of success. In our time representing Orange County sexual abuse survivors, we have obtained more than $2 billion for our clients.
  • Our lawyers offer representation for all types of internet sex crime cases. We have decades of experience as plaintiff’s attorneys working for sexual abuse and assault survivors. Our firm will know how to handle your unique case.

Should You Hire a Lawyer?

Going up against an online sexual predator can be daunting. You may not fully understand your rights or legal options as a victim. Retaining one of our attorneys can make the claims process easier and more rewarding for you during this difficult time. We can file a claim against the defendant on your behalf while keeping your identity confidential. Our firm will file all the correct paperwork by the state’s deadline. Then, we can fight for fair and full compensation on your behalf while you focus on your personal recovery. We want to help you finally obtain justice and move forward.

Types of Cases We Accept

Internet-facilitated sex offending is a public concern. The world’s most vulnerable population, children, are most at risk of becoming victims of internet sex crimes. Children and youth use the internet more often than other age groups, and may also be more naïve to its risks. Our team of Orange County online sexual harassment lawyers take on internet sex crime cases of all types, whether you, your child or another loved one was the victim.

  • Production or distribution of child pornography
  • Distributing revenge pornography
  • Sexual solicitations online
  • Online sex trafficking
  • Online stalking
  • Sexting (sexual texting) with a minor
  • Hacking a device to extort nude images or videos
  • Social media sex scams

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we encourage survivors of internet sex crimes to come forward and seek justice by maintaining extremely high standards of confidentiality. Initial consultations are always held in complete confidence with a member of our firm. If you wish your identity to remain anonymous throughout your case, we will take steps to ensure your privacy.

How to Prove an Internet Sex Crime Case

As the victim of an internet sex crime pursuing a financial award, your lawyer will have to prove the defendant’s fault for your damages. Many perpetrators believe the internet makes it impossible to track down their identities or locations. This is incorrect. Methods exist to analyze online activities to pinpoint the person behind the keyboard. Working with a law firm increases your chances of holding someone accountable – whether it is the perpetrator or another defendant, such as a negligent school or employer. Your lawyer can also help you prove your case through actions such as subpoenaing witnesses and gathering evidence.

Contact an Orange County Internet Sex Crime Attorney

Speak to an attorney from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi as soon as possible after becoming the victim of an internet sex crime. We can file a civil claim for stalking, intimidation, solicitation, child pornography and sexual harassment in Orange County. You may be eligible for compensation. Request a free consultation today using our online form or calling (949) 252-9990.