Los Angeles Workplace Sexual Abuse Attorney

You should never feel unwelcome or unsafe at work. Yet sexual predators exist in offices throughout California. Our lawyers understand workplace sexual abuse in Los Angeles can cause physical injuries as well as long-lasting emotional damage. At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we recognize the severe effects workplace sexual abuse has on survivors. It is our mission to bring justice to abuse victims through the civil system. Call (949) 252-9990 for a 100% confidential consultation about your workplace sexual abuse claim. You may be eligible for compensation. We can keep your identity private.

Why Manly, Stewart & Finaldi?

  • We exclusively handle sexual abuse cases.
  • We maintain the highest standards of client confidentiality.
  • We are regarded as the leading sex abuse law firm in California.
  • We have gone up against many institutions, including Fortune 500 companies.
  • We offer aggressive and passionate sexual abuse legal representation.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Our lawyers will be here for you in your time of need. We know how daunting taking your case to the courts can be. We are here to make the process easier and less painful or traumatic for you. Our lawyers can take care of everything on your behalf, keeping your identity 100% private the entire time. We can perform many tasks while you focus on healing.

  • Determine the defendant(s)
  • Estimate the maximum compensation you can pursue
  • Fill out claim paperwork
  • File before the state’s deadline
  • Gather evidence against the defendant(s)
  • Create a comprehensive legal strategy
  • Retain the services of other professionals
  • Negotiate a fair settlement
  • Take your case to court in Los Angeles, if necessary

The lawyers at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi put clients first. We have some of the most passionate and talented sexual abuse attorneys in the state standing up for abuse victims’ rights. You will find dedicated and assertive workplace sexual abuse lawyers when you come to our firm for assistance in LA.

What to Do After Workplace Sexual Abuse

Workplace sexual abuse is extremely traumatic; it can be easy not to know what to do or where to turn for help. You might not feel safe coming forward to anyone at work or comfortable talking to the people close to you. You can take steps in the aftermath of abuse that may strengthen your future case against the perpetrator and/or the institution.

  1. Tell someone. If you can, notify your employer of the incident. Your employer cannot legally retaliate against you for reporting sexual abuse, harassment, assault or discrimination.
  2. Go to the hospital. Visit a hospital in Los Angeles for a physical health check. You may have abuse-related injuries that require treatment. If a coworker, employer or someone else raped you, for example, a physical exam can collect important evidence.
  3. Gather information. If you can, start collecting information about your incident to show your attorney. Write down your story if it is not too painful to recite. Include details such as the date, time and location of the sexual abuse.

Next, contact our law firm to speak to attorneys with decades of experience in sexual abuse law. We will know exactly how to help you during this difficult time. We empathize with the gravity of your situation and can offer our assistance while keeping your identity private. Our firm wants you to know your rights and how to protect them.

Contact Our Los Angeles Workplace Abuse Lawyers

A heinous crime such as workplace sexual abuse does not have to control your future. Get the help you require for your physical injuries, mental trauma and financial losses with assistance from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi. We can enable you can go up against the institution that allowed you to be in a situation that could expose you to sexual abuse. Your employer could be civilly liable for the injuries you suffered. One of our attorneys can stand by your side every step of the way. Talk to a lawyer today about your potential workplace sexual abuse case. Request a free consultation in Los Angeles.