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Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is a leading law firm in Los Angeles for sexual abuse cases. We have devoted our time, energy and resources to aggressively fighting against these brutal crimes. Our lawyers understand the lifelong impact sexual abuse can have on survivors. We aim to hold wrongdoers accountable. If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse in sports, contact our Los Angeles lawyers. Consultations with an attorney at our firm are free and entirely confidential.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have experience. Attorney John C. Manly has spent more than two decades in the practice area of sexual abuse civil law.
  • We have passion. Our CA sexual abuse lawyers have seen first-hand the effects sexual abuse can have on victims. We do not give up in the battle against sex crimes.
  • We have results. Our team of lawyers has represented hundreds of victims in sexual abuse cases. We have won over $2 billion against many institutions, Fortune 500 companies, schools and sports organizations.
  • We care about you. You will see, hear and feel our compassion and sympathy from your very first meeting.

How Our Los Angeles Sports Abuse Lawyers Can Help

The moment you retain a lawyer from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi as your legal advocate, you can take a deep breath. You do not have to worry about meeting deadlines, communicating with the other side or dealing with the legal process. Your attorney will give you absolute peace of mind by taking care of everything on your behalf. Our attorneys will do everything they can to help.

  • Identifying the correct at-fault party or parties
  • Determining whether you have a case against a sports organization
  • Explaining the laws that pertain to your civil claim
  • Walking you through the legal process
  • Helping you fulfill the burden of proof
  • Gathering important evidence
  • Handling the legal process from start to finish

Our lawyers want the legal process to be as painless as possible for you and your family. We understand the extremely sensitive nature of sexual abuse cases. We can keep your identity private and confidential throughout your entire case if desired. Our firm is here for you at every turn.

Who Is the Defendant?

One of the key questions we answer for our clients is, “Who is liable?” The liable or at-fault party in your sports sexual abuse lawsuit will be the person or entity responsible for the crimes against you. In a sports sexual assault case, this could be a school, gym, sports organization, sports physician, medical center, the YMCA or the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. More than one defendant could be accountable.

If a sports coach committed the crime, his or her employer could be vicariously responsible. All employers, including schools and the government, are responsible for the actions and crimes of their employees if they occur at work. While you may be able to hold an individual coach liable, your odds of securing compensation are higher going up against an institution. Naming an institution as a defendant could also push for change on a larger level. Our attorneys can name the defendant(s) for you in your particular case.

Contact a Sexual Abuse in Sports Lawyer Today

Although California does not have a statute of limitations on criminal sexual abuse cases, it does have one on civil lawsuits. If you were a child when you suffered this grave injustice, you have eight years from the date of your 18th birthday to file a claim. Otherwise, you may only have two years from the date of the assault or abuse to bring a civil claim. You are not in this alone as the victim of sexual abuse in sports in Los Angeles. Our attorneys can review your case and help you file a lawsuit within your specific deadline. Start with a free, confidential consultation in Los Angeles. Contact us today.