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School sexual abuse is more common than many parents realize. Unfortunately, not all schools, teachers and other staff members are trustworthy. When the unspeakable happens, the survivor of sexual abuse deserves justice. At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, that is what we strive to obtain on behalf of our clients. Our LA County school sexual abuse attorneys are passionate about this cause and work tirelessly to hold at-fault parties accountable.

If you or your child suffered sexual abuse or assault at a school in Los Angeles, talk to a lawyer about your rights. Initial consultations are free and 100% confidential.

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  • We are regarded as California’s leading sexual abuse attorneys and sexual abuse law firms.
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  • We have represented more than 100 child victims of school sexual abuse in California.

What a School Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Do for You

It is important to protect your legal rights as the survivor of sexual abuse in a school setting. The school or district will have ample resources to combat your claim. Hiring a lawyer of your own is the best way to even the scales. Your attorney will know how best to represent your case before an insurance claims adjuster, a judge or a jury. The skill of your attorney can make a difference to the outcome of your case.

When you retain Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, you benefit from a group of Los Angeles child sex abuse lawyers who will immediately go to work for the most efficient legal process possible. We can take care of processes such as identifying the defendant, bringing the correct type of lawsuit, filing on time, gathering evidence, hiring expert key witnesses to testify, evaluating the case and fighting for maximum financial recovery.

Our Sexual Abuse Practice Areas

Our attorneys have decades of practice helping clients through difficult and complex sexual abuse cases. We have the power to take a defendant to trial in Los Angeles, if necessary. In our time practicing this facet of law, our L.A. school abuse attorneys have taken cases involving almost every type of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

Our sexual abuse lawyers have gone up against some of the largest and most well-known schools in California. We are not afraid to file claims against any public, private, charter or community school in the state. From daycare centers and elementary schools to state universities, our law firm is diligent in its pursuit of justice.

Is the School Liable?

In a civil sexual abuse case, the burden of proof is to show that the defendant more likely than not contributed to the plaintiff’s injuries – not that the defendant caused the injuries beyond a reasonable doubt. A school in Los Angeles could be liable, or legally responsible, for a sexual abuse survivor’s damages if the school reasonably should have done something else to prevent the incident.

  • More stringent staff member hiring procedures
  • Better teacher training
  • Increased sexual abuse awareness and education
  • Protocols in place for noticing and reporting sexual abuse
  • Proper adult/child supervision at all times
  • Reporting known cases of child sexual abuse, assault or indecency

A school and its district can take many steps to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse on school grounds or during off-campus events such as field trips. The failure to take these steps is negligence. Allowing an adult to be alone in a gym locker room with a student, for example, could qualify as negligence if the incident led to sexual abuse and another school would have done something differently. A school and/or another party may be liable in your case depending on the situation.

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