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Schools in Long Beach should be places where students feel safe, comfortable and cared for. Children and teens should have the mental freedom at school to focus on learning and growing. Unfortunately, schools in Long Beach can put innocent students in danger of being targeted by sexual predators, including teachers and peers.

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, our Long Beach child sexual abuse attorneys are passionate about bringing perpetrators of school sexual abuse to justice and holding educational institutions accountable for failing to protect victims. We will stand by your side during a claim or lawsuit filed for this heinous crime. Contact us today for a free and entirely confidential consultation in Long Beach.

Why Clients Trust Us With School Sexual Abuse Cases

  • We are America’s leading sexual abuse law firm. We earned this title by achieving groundbreaking case results for thousands of sexual abuse survivors around the nation.
  • Our attorneys have years of experience going up against powerful defendants such as private schools and public school districts. We do not back down from a fight.
  • Your Long Beach school sexual abuse attorney will always put you first. If you wish to keep your identity anonymous during your case, for example, we will protect you.
  • Our Long Beach sexual abuse attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not pay a cent in attorney’s fees unless you win your case.

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How Our Long Beach School Sexual Abuse Attorneys Can Help You
What Is California’s Definition of Sexual Abuse?
What Is School Sexual Abuse?
What Is School Sexual Harassment?
What Is Sexual Bullying?
Who Are Common Perpetrators of School Sexual Abuse?
Signs of School Sexual Abuse in a Child
How to Report School Sexual Abuse in Long Beach
Who Is Liable for School Sexual Abuse?
What Types of Financial Compensation Are Available to Survivors?
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How Our Long Beach School Sexual Abuse Attorneys Can Help You

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we realize you are going through an extremely difficult and emotional time as a survivor of school sexual abuse. You deserve answers, advice and guidance that you can trust. Hiring one of our compassionate and knowledgeable Long Beach school sexual abuse lawyer can help you get through this challenging chapter in your life.

Our attorneys can provide tailored legal services, such as:

  • Comprehensive school sexual abuse case investigation.
  • Evidence collection and witness interviewing.
  • Connections to highly qualified experts to testify during your case.
  • Completion of claims-filing procedures and paperwork.
  • Negotiation with a school’s insurance company for a just settlement.
  • Representation during a sexual abuse civil trial in California, if necessary.
  • Emotional support throughout sensitive legal proceedings.

Our top priority will be making sure you and your family have everything you need during the claims process. We will remain in constant communication with you and provide frequent updates about your case. Our Long Beach school sexual abuse lawyers are prepared to fight for the justice and case outcome that you deserve. We will treat your case as if it were our own.

What Is California’s Definition of Sexual Abuse?

The state’s criminal definition of sexual abuse falls under California Penal Code 243.4, the law against sexual battery. In California, any person who touches the intimate part of another person against the victim’s will or without consent for the purpose of sexual arousal, sexual gratification or sexual abuse is guilty of sexual battery.

Sexual abuse, assault and battery crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the circumstances. Penal Code 288 states that sex crimes committed against children under the age of 14 are felonies that can be punished by 10 or more years in prison. In addition to criminal consequences, a perpetrator can face a civil lawsuit brought by the survivor.Long Beach Sexual Abuse Lawyer

What Is School Sexual Abuse?

School sexual abuse can refer to any type of sexual harassment, sexual bullying or sexual assault in Long Beach in a school setting. This can include on-campus crimes in classrooms or locker rooms as well as sexual abuse at school-sponsored events and extracurricular activities off-campus, such as field trips.

Examples of school sexual abuse include:

  • Child pornography
  • Child sexual abuse and molestation
  • Indecent exposure in front of a student
  • Internet sex crimes and cyberbullying
  • Kissing, hugging or groping
  • Oral copulation
  • Peer-against-peer sex abuse
  • Rape, attempted rape or statutory rape
  • Sexual bullying
  • Sexual hazing
  • Sports or coach sexual abuse
  • Teacher-student sexual abuse
  • Unwanted or inappropriate touching

Any type of sexual conduct involving a student constitutes sexual abuse. Minors (children under the age of 18) are not legally allowed to consent to sexual activity in California. In addition, it is unlawful for teachers and other adults in positions of trust and authority to engage in sexual relations with their students.

What Is School Sexual Harassment?

School sexual harassment refers to unwanted and unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature against a student. It can refer to sexual activity as well as harassing a victim based on his or her sex, sexual orientation, relationship status, gender identity or gender expression.

School sexual harassment can involve physical touch as well as verbal, written, mental or emotional harassment that makes the victim feel unsafe or unwelcome at school.

What Is Sexual Bullying?

Sexual bullying refers to an attempt to harm a victim in some way – physically, emotionally or societally – by targeting his or her body, sex, sexual orientation or through sexual activity. Sexual bullies at school may demean, belittle, degrade, insult, humiliate or physically attack a victim to inflict the desired harm.

One example of sexual bullying that can take place at school is revenge porn, where explicit photos or videos of a victim are circulated electronically or posted online without the victim’s consent, typically to cause distress or embarrassment. Revenge porn is often committed by a former sexual or romantic partner as a way to seek retaliation against the subject.

Who Are Common Perpetrators of School Sexual Abuse?

The most common perpetrators of school sexual abuse are individuals in positions of authority or trust within the school environment. Adults such as teachers and coaches can take advantage of their access to children and positions of trust to commit sex crimes. Older students at a school can also orchestrate sexual assault incidents against younger students.

Common culprits include:

  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Field trip supervisors
  • Janitors
  • Older students or peers
  • School nurses
  • School staff members
  • Sports coaches
  • Strangers who access school grounds
  • Teachers
  • Volunteers

Our team at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi have represented hundreds of child sexual abuse survivors in California schools. We can help you and your family take legal action after a school sexual abuse incident involving any perpetrator(s) in Long Beach or elsewhere in Southern California.

Signs of School Sexual Abuse in a Child

It is common for victims of sexual abuse not to come forward or report the crime. This happens for a variety of reasons, including feelings of fear, denial, shame, guilt and embarrassment that keep them silent.

Young school children may not yet have the terms or knowledge to put their experiences into words. Whatever the case may be, it is important as the parent of a student in a Long Beach school to know how to detect the warning signs of sexual abuse.

While every individual is unique, common red flags include:

  • Inappropriate or excessive knowledge of sexual acts
  • Using new words for private parts
  • Acting out sexual activities with toys
  • Inappropriately touching other children
  • Reduced performance in school
  • Sudden outbursts or fits of aggression
  • Trouble sleeping, nightmares and bed-wetting
  • Reluctance to get undressed or bathe
  • Fear of going to school or being around specific individuals
  • Physical injuries, especially to the genitals or thighs
  • Sexually transmitted diseases or teen pregnancy
  • Unexplained health problems, such as stomach aches or headaches
  • Signs of depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Suicidal thoughts, tendencies or actions

You should also be on the lookout for warning signs of groomers at your child’s school. These are sexual predators who attempt to build relationships with their targets to better facilitate acts of abuse in the future. Red flags may include a teacher or coach showing excessive interest in your child, giving your child special attention, attempting to be alone with your child, and bestowing lavish or inappropriate gifts on your child.

How to Report School Sexual Abuse in Long Beach

If you suspect school sexual abuse in Long Beach, get your child to a safe place immediately. Consider taking your child to a hospital for a sexual assault forensic exam, which can search for and document signs of child sex abuse. Make sure your child receives the counseling, support and psychiatric care that he or she needs. Then, report the crime to the proper authorities.

In an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, call the Long Beach Police Department’s nonemergency number to report a crime committed against your child. Next, contact the Long Beach Unified School District to file an official complaint against the perpetrator. Keep a copy of the complaint for your records. A representative from the school district should reach out to you and explain what they will be doing to protect its students and penalize the perpetrator.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 requires schools to have policies and procedures in place to promptly and effectively respond to reports of violations. Your child’s school should investigate the matter without delay and, if evidence of sexual abuse or assault is discovered, take administrative action against the individual immediately.

Long Beach Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Who Is Liable for School Sexual Abuse?

School sexual abuse is a civil tort as well as a crime in California. This means it is a type of wrongdoing that gives victims the right to take legal action through the civil justice system. Filing a school sexual abuse lawsuit in Long Beach gives a survivor the opportunity to hold one or more parties financially responsible (liable) for their wrongful acts. The liable parties can include the individual abuser as well as an educational institution that fell short of its duty of care to protect its students.

In a case involving a public school in Long Beach, the school district could be held vicariously liable for the shortcomings of one of its schools. Our  Long Beach school sexual abuse lawyer can go up against the Long Beach Unified School District or surrounding school districts, including:

  • ABC Unified School District
  • Anaheim Union High School District
  • Compton Unified School District
  • Cypress Elementary School District
  • Los Alamitos Unified School District
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Torrance Unified School District

Our Long Beach school sexual abuse lawyer is also prepared to take on private schools, charter schools and religious institutions in Long Beach to seek justice and accountability for sexual abuse survivors, such as:

  • Belmont Shore KinderCare
  • Bethany Lutheran School
  • City Christian School
  • Huntington Academy
  • Lakewood Christian Schools
  • Long Beach Montessori School
  • Maple Village Waldorf School
  • Our Lady of Refuge School
  • Pacific Baptist School
  • Saint Anthony High School

Our Long Beach school sexual abuse lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation of the school and school district to determine if administrators knew or had reason to know that the sexual abuse was taking place. If so and they did nothing to protect children – or worse, knowingly concealed a perpetrator’s crimes – we can work to hold the educational institution responsible.

What Types of Financial Compensation Are Available to Survivors?

While no amount of money can ever make up for the sexual abuse of a student at a Long Beach preschool, elementary, middle or high school, a successful claim could lead to compensation that makes it easier for a survivor to move forward. A financial settlement or judgment award can provide financial stability and greater peace of mind during a difficult time. It can also hold a school or another defendant accountable for their part in the crime.

The types of compensation that may be available include:

  • Past and future required medical care
  • Counseling, therapy and mental health care
  • Prescription medications
  • Lost wages and ability to earn
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress and mental anguish
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder or psychological trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Wrongful death (in a case involving suicide)

School sexual abuse can have long-lasting effects on a victim’s life. Many survivors deal with mental health conditions such as chronic anxiety or depression for many years after the crime. Some turn to substances to cope with their trauma, which can affect their careers, relationships and futures. Our Long Beach school sexual abuse lawyers fight aggressively on behalf of our clients to seek maximum compensation for the full extent of their losses.

Contact Our Long Beach School Sexual Abuse Lawyer Today

School sexual abuse is an unimaginable crime that no one ever thinks will happen to them. If you are living through this nightmare, either as a survivor or the parent of a survivor, help is available at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi. Our Long Beach school sexual abuse attorneys are prepared to fight for your rights and hold those responsible for the abuse accountable for their actions.

We are here for you during this difficult time. Our lawyers can listen to your story and offer tailored legal advice during a free case evaluation in Long Beach. Call us at (855) 204-3493 or contact us online and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will believe you.