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Clergy sexual abuse is an atrocity the lawyers at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi will not stand for. We also believe the actions of dioceses – including the Diocese of Oakland – to cover up known incidents of sexual abuse are unacceptable. Our lead lawyer, John C. Manly, has dedicated his professional life to becoming a nationwide leader in sex abuse survivor representation. He and his attorneys may be able to help you obtain justice and fair compensation for your traumatic experiences as a child. Please contact us immediately to discuss your case, no matter how long ago the abuse occurred.

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44 Individuals in the Diocese of Oakland Publicly Accused of Sexual Abuse

Currently, the Diocese of Oakland encompasses an estimated 500,000 Catholics and 84 parishes. In February 2019, the Diocese of Oakland published the names of 44 clergymen with credible accusations against them of sexually abusing children. The list spans accounts from the last 60 years and includes priests, deacons and brothers from 10 religious orders.

First Last Status
Jeffrey N. Acebo Sued
Thomas Duong Binh-Minh Accused
Vincent Ignatius Breen Sued
Donald Eugene Broderson Sued
Kenneth J. Cabral Accused
Alexander Q. Castillo Accused
James A. Clark Sued
Phillip Colloty Accused
Hilary Cooper Accused
Virendra Coutts Accused
George E. Crespin Sued
Sidney J. Custodio Sued
Pearse P. Donovan Sued
Dennis Duffy Accused
Donald W. Eagleson Sued
Joseph A. Ferreira Sued
Patrick Finnegan Accused
George J. Francis Sued
Robert E. Freitas Convicted
Adrian Furman Accused
William S. Green Convicted
Joseph (Jesse) Gutierrez-Cervantes Settled
Stephen M. Kiesle Convicted
Ronald J. LaGasse Arrested
Tarcisio D. Lanuevo Accused
Cornelius P. Leehan Sued
Gary M. Luiz Sued
Bede McKinnon Accused
Daniel McLeod Accused
Hector David Mendoza Vela Convicted
Joaquin Moreno Accused
Lawrence O’Brien Sued
William Odom-Green Convicted
Robert F. Ponciroli Arrested
James E. Prindeville Sued
Arthur A. (Arturo) Ribeiro Sued
Anthony Slane Sued
Gary B. Tollner Accused
Ramon Varela Accused
John Vas Accused
Francis Verngren Sued
Stephen (Steve) Whelan Sued
Gordon Wilcox Sued
Terrence Wong Sued

The list includes accusations of crimes such as sexual molestation, sexual abuse, fondling and rape. The alleged survivors include both boys and girls, typically members of the parish at the time. Although being on the list does not equal guilt, it means the Diocese had enough evidence to classify the allegations as credible. Many of the published stories also involve accusations against the Diocese itself for failing to notify the authorities.

New Statute of Limitations in California

On October 13th, 2019, the governor approved Assembly Bill (AB) No. 218. AB 218 effectively extended the statute of limitations, or deadline to file, a civil claim as a survivor of child sex abuse or assault. Previously, the deadline was eight years from the plaintiff’s age of majority or three years from the date the plaintiff reasonably should have discovered the cause of psychological injury or illness was sexual abuse.

Today, plaintiffs have 22 years from the age of majority or 5 years from the date of discovery to bring their claims. Under AB 218, childhood sexual abuse survivors now have until age 40 to bring their claims rather than age 26. AB 218 is important since many survivors find it difficult to come forward with their cases until many years after the incident. Others do not recall childhood sexual abuse until long after the fact. In either situation, survivors now have 14 additional years in which to file civil lawsuits for child sexual abuse.

Do You Have a Claim?

If you are within your statute of limitations and are a survivor of clergy sexual abuse in the Diocese of Oakland, contact the sex abuse attorneys at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi for an in-depth legal consultation. You may have a claim for financial damages, including compensation for your psychological trauma, emotional distress, lost quality of life, post-traumatic stress disorder, medical bills and legal fees. Our lawyers may be able to help you hold the Diocese of Oakland vicariously responsible for the actions of its clergymen.

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