Barstow School District Sexual Abuse

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About School District Sexual Abuse in California

There is no measure to the amount of emotional and psychological pain suffered by survivors of child sexual abuse. Many survivors are abused and assaulted in the very places that are supposed to protect them, such as schools. Classrooms, locker rooms and after-school programs present many opportunities for child sex abusers to target victims. School sexual abuse can describe any sexual encounter with a minor at a school or school-related event, such as a field trip or after-school program.

In many of these cases, a school district failed to properly protect its students from sexual abuse. School districts are often negligent in providing safe learning environments. For example, school district administrators may carelessly fail to take the necessary steps to prevent sexual abuse, such as conducting background checks on teachers and reporting allegations to the proper authorities. Negligence by school districts can perpetuate student sexual abuse and assault in Barstow.

For example, in 2017, a survivor of school sexual assault by a former teacher at Barstow Christian School filed a motion for punitive damages against the school for violating California‚Äôs child protection laws. The motion claimed that the principal knew of the teacher’s inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old student but failed to report it to the authorities. It also alleged that the School Board Policy Manual expressly placed the reputations of teachers above the protection of its students.

What to Do if You Suspect School Sexual Abuse

If you have experienced actions or behaviors from a teacher or someone else at your school in the Barstow Unified School District or have reason to suspect that someone has sexually abused your child at his/her school, you have legal rights. Start by going to a safe location for the help that you need. This may be a trusted friend or family member, a hospital if you have any physical injuries from sexual abuse, or a sexual abuse hotline if you need professional assistance.

Next, begin the pursuit of justice by going to the authorities. Call the police right away to report the alleged perpetrator. This may lead to an arrest and criminal charges for crimes such as child sexual abuse and endangerment. You should also alert the school to your suspicions or complaints. If you have any evidence, such as eyewitness statements or inappropriate texts or emails from the teacher, gather them together to create an organized case file. Finally, contact an experienced school district sexual abuse attorney in Barstow for legal assistance.

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