Attorney John Manly Defeats Sexual Predator Michael Harris, Again

After just one day of a sexual abuse trial against ex-priest Michael Harris, and the Diocese of Orange for allegedly covering it up, Manly, Stewart & Finaldi attorneys John Manly and Vince Finaldi recovered a $2 million settlement on behalf of a survivor of Harris’ abuse. The settlement spared the Diocese of Orange a lengthy and ostensibly painful trial into its supervisory practices regarding former Father Michael Harris.

This isn’t the first time Manly and his firm fought to expose child predators and those who protect them. Most recently:

  • Mr. Manly wrote a very public letter to the OC Board of Supervisors regarding their intent to invite a known sexual predator/member of the clergy to give an invocation.
  • Manly, Stewart & Finaldi also represented four victims in a $6.685 million settlement against the Diocese of Orange and its employees in ’07. These victims were abused in the late nineties by staff at Mater Dei High School, where Harris was principal for years. The survivors were incredibly brave during the trial, and were able to withstand 7 merciless days of depositions during which the Diocese attempted (and failed) to break their spirits.

The plaintiff in the current case, a decorated combat pilot on active duty, put his career on the line to expose the sexual predations of Harris, and the transgressions of the Diocese of Orange. We hope that his courage empowers other survivors to come forward and tell their story.

The full scope of Harris’ predation must be revealed so that he can get where he belongs – behind bars and away from children.

To read more about this case, see our previous blog about the settlement with the Diocese of Orange and our blog introducing the sexual abuse charges against Michael Harris.