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Dr. Zvi Levran Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

In October 2022, urologist Dr. Zvi Levran was charged with seven counts of criminal sexual conduct in Oakland County, Michigan. The charges came after a 19-year-old male hockey player reported that he was sexually assaulted by Dr. Levran during a medical examination in Levran’s basement office on October 18th.

In October 2022, urologist Dr. Zvi Levran was charged with seven counts of criminal sexual conduct in Oakland County, Michigan. The charges came after a 19-year-old male hockey player reported that he was sexually assaulted by Dr. Levran during a medical examination in Levran’s basement office on October 18th.

Dr. Levran, widely known as the “Hockey Doc” in hockey circles around suburban Detroit, has worked as a volunteer with high school hockey programs and the Michigan Developmental Hockey League for nearly two decades.

While Dr. Levran has pleaded not guilty to the charges, if they are true, it is likely that there are more victims.

If you or a loved one experienced inappropriate sexual conduct or sexual abuse as a patient of Dr. Zvi Levran – either as a patient of his Farmington Hills office or through his volunteer work with youth hockey programs – Manly, Stewart, & Finaldi can help. We have dedicated our practice to helping survivors of sexual abuse hold perpetrators accountable and fight for justice and closure.

When you are ready, call or fill out our contact form for a free, confidential consultation. We understand how difficult it may be to come forward and are here to listen to your story should you choose to tell it.

The Allegations Against Dr. Levran

On October 18th, a 19-year-old male hockey player filed a criminal complaint against Dr. Levran, alleging that he was sexually assaulted by the doctor during a medical examination.

The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office authorized a seven-count arrest warrant and Dr. Zvi Levran has been charged with:

  • Four counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 3rd Degree (Force or Coercion)
  • Three counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 4th Degree (Force or Coercion)

Dr. Levran has been arraigned and released pending trial on the condition that:

  • He may not treat patients at his home office
  • He may not have any contact with minors
  • He may not have any contact with hockey players or staff
  • He surrenders his driver’s license and passports
  • He must wear a GPS tether and may not leave the state of Michigan
  • Among other conditions

Bond has been set at $100,000.

Where Did Doctor Levran Work?

Dr. Zvi Levran is a urologist in Farmington Hills, Michigan. According to U.S. News and World Report, he had been affiliated with several hospitals including St. Mary Mercy Livonia Hospital and Beaumont Hospital-Farmington Hills. He operates his own private practice and also sees patients at his home in an office in the basement.

As previously mentioned, Dr. Levran volunteered with several youth hockey organizations for nearly 20 years. These organizations include:

  • The Michigan Developmental Hockey League (MDHL)
  • Several High Schools in the NOVI Community School District

Dr. Zavi also lived and worked in Fergus Falls, Minnesota from 2011 to 2018. Here he volunteered treating hockey players at a local high school. In Fergus Falls, Minnesota, Dr. Levran was affiliated with:

  • Fergus Falls High School
  • Lake Region Medical Group

However, according to a report by The Athletic, he stopped working with athletes there after a 16-year-old male hockey player complained about being sexually assaulted by Levran during an examination. According to the report, the player had a shoulder injury, but Dr. Levran groped his genitalia for no apparent medical reason.

While at least one district official and several at Lake Region Medical Group were made aware of the assault, there are no official records on the complaint and there was no investigation into the incident.

What Constitutes Sexual Abuse or Inappropriate Conduct by a Physician?

Sexual abuse by a physician can take many forms, ranging from inappropriate comments to nonconsensual touching and rape. Examples may include:

  • A doctor making inappropriate jokes, remarks, or sexual advances.
  • Touching a patient inappropriately.
  • Performing unnecessary examinations on private parts.
  • Taking photographs of a patient’s privates with a personal device.
  • Taking advantage of patients while they are under anesthesia or unconscious.

In this case, the pattern appears to indicate that Dr. Levran may have committed several of these offenses. Along with the unnecessary examinations of private parts, players from Fergus Falls reported that he made sexual references and talked about the “male G-Spot”, and offered soft tissue massages to players though he does not hold a license as a therapist.

What Should Those Affected Do?

If you are a current or former patient who believes you may have had similar sexual abuse at the hands of Dr. Levran, we are here to listen and help. Speaking with a lawyer can help hold perpetrators of sexual abuse and the institutions that protect them accountable. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and help take the necessary action to hold the abuse accountable, along with any businesses or institutions that know about the abuse but did not disclose it. We can keep the case and our client’s names 100 percent confidential to protect the identities of survivors.

At Manly, Stewart, & Finaldi, we are the preeminent firm representing victims of sexual abuse. For over 25 years, our team has been involved in the most significant sexual abuse litigation across the United States and have recovered more than three billion dollars on behalf of sexual abuse victims.

Our attorneys have significant experience in cases involving sexual abuse and assault by sports team physicians and doctors, including:

  • Representing Olympic athletes and victims of former MSU and US Olympic Women’s Gymnastics Team doctor Larry Nassar. We secured $880 million in settlements for our clients.
  • Representing young athletes who were sexually abused by their team doctor at the University of Michigan. We secured $490 million in settlements for our clients.

When you Are Ready, Call for a Confidential Consultation

Coming forward as a survivor of sexual abuse can be extremely difficult.  However, taking legal action against the perpetrator of the abuse can provide a sense of justice and closure and provide financial compensation.  If you or a loved one were abused or assaulted while a patient of Dr. Zvi Levran, please call or fill out a contact form when you are ready

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