Temecula Valley Doctor Facing 31 Counts of Sexual Assault

In a disturbing piece of recent news, a Temecula Valley doctor is currently facing 31 felony and misdemeanor counts of sexually abusing patients and is now being held in lieu of a $3 million bail. Jury deliberations are already underway.

John Francis McGuire, 45, of Escondido, has been accused of groping and sexually assaulting numerous female patients and is now facing charges or sexual battery of a restrained person, forcible rape, and attempted sexual assault of an unconscious person. One victim reported that McGuire, who is an ear, nose, and throat specialist, repeatedly touched her vagina claiming that he was concerned about a rash. Other patients claimed that McGuire consistently found reasons to grope their breasts during office exams. One of these victims was allegedly raped over an office chair until she was able to break free and escape.

State records reveal that McGuire’s medical license was suspended in September 2015. Read more about this ongoing case online via Patch.com.

Shockingly, sexual assault between doctors and patients is a significant problem throughout the country. In fact, a CNN report revealed thousands of cases of physician sexual abuse occurring across every state in America. It is essential for victims to come forward and report instances of abuse so that these doctors can be held accountable for their appalling breach of duty and human decency.

Dr. Larry Nassar, the former team doctor for the USA Women Gymnastics Team, has been accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women and girls including Olympic athletes. Manly, Stewart &Finaldi represent more than 70 of his alleged victims.

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