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When you are not sure whom to trust after experiencing the trauma of student sexual abuse at a school in the Clovis Unified School District, confide in the attorneys at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi. Our lawyers have years of experience helping survivors understand their rights and move forward with help from the civil justice system. We offer free and completely confidential consultations so you can speak to someone about your situation with total peace of mind. Please contact us today to discuss your future with a lawyer who can help.

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  • We care about clients. Our attorneys will stop at nothing to obtain the best possible results for each client. We work tirelessly to meet each client’s needs.
  • We have experience. Our lead attorney has committed his professional career toward fighting on behalf of sexual assault survivors, with 25-plus years of experience.
  • We can protect your identity. We understand how trying it can be to come forward with your story. We can help your identity remain anonymous for the duration of your case.

Can a Lawyer Help?

It can be difficult to come to an attorney with your case, but know that doing so could significantly help your future. A lawyer who understands these cases and works one-on-one with student sexual abuse survivors will know precisely how to handle your case. Your attorney can take care of complex legal processes on your behalf while you focus on you. You will not have to worry about the legwork of your case if you retain an attorney from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi to represent you during a claim against Clovis Unified for school sexual abuse.

Cases Against Public School Districts Historically Treated Differently Than the Same Lawsuits Against Private Schools

Historically, California law forced cases against public school districts to abide by the rules of the Government Tort Claims Act. This included a strict statute of limitations of just six months in most cases, or up to one year in some, from the last act of sexual abuse. In 2008, lawmakers amended the requirement for tort claims against public schools, but only if the abuse occurred on or after January 1st, 2009.

It was not until 2019, with the enactment of Assembly Bill 218, that the California Legislature changed the way claims against public school districts work. Under AB-218, claimants do not have to follow the rules of the Tort Claims Act, even if the school sexual abuse occurred prior to January 1st, 2009. Plaintiffs now have until age 40, in most cases, to bring their lawsuits against perpetrators – including public school districts such as Clovis Unified.

Are You Eligible for Compensation?

If you are within your deadline to file, please speak to an attorney as soon as possible about bringing a lawsuit against the Clovis Unified School District. The district could be vicariously liable for the criminal actions of a teacher, administrator, volunteer or employee of one of the 54 schools in the district. The district and/or other parties could owe you financial compensation for the harm you suffered.

  • Emotional distress
  • Mental anguish
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Mental health disorders
  • Medical expenses, including therapy
  • Lost income or capacity to earn
  • Diminished enjoyment of life
  • Legal fees and court costs
  • Punitive damages

Although a financial award is not the essential reason most sexual abuse survivors bring claims against the school districts where their abuse occurred, it can be a factor in the decision to go through with a lawsuit. A fair compensatory award could help you and your family move on with financial stability.

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