School Sexual Abuse Attorney Ventura County

At Manly Stewart & Finaldi, we are passionate about holding teachers who sexually abuse children accountable for their unthinkable crimes. Our founder, John C. Manly, has spent over 25 years representing clients in childhood sexual abuse and assault cases throughout the country. We have what it takes to help you seek justice and fair financial compensation from school districts and other defendants in Ventura County for student sexual abuse. If you believe you have a case, please contact us for a 100% confidential consultation.

Why Clients Trust Manly Stewart & Finaldi

  • We have filed dozens of civil actions against child sex offenders and have represented over 100 sexually abused students in California.
  • We have the experience in sexual assault and abuse law needed to help you with even the most complicated case against a school in Ventura County.
  • We have used our skills and aggressive legal tactics to win millions of dollars on behalf of our past clients.

When to Contact a Sexual Abuse Lawyer

School sexual abuse is one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. At Manly Stewart & Finaldi, we commit our professional lives to shedding light on sexual abuse in schools throughout California. When you contact one of our attorneys for assistance with a school sexual abuse case, you can benefit from personnel who have spent years in this practice area, representing clients in all types of sexual abuse and assault cases against public and private schools and school districts. Our attorneys can take care of the legal legwork of your case while you focus on healing.

Damages Available In Ventura School Sexual Assault Cases

Financial compensation is not the primary reason most survivors come forward to tell their stories. They want to spread awareness, bring perpetrators to justice and strive to prevent future cases of student sexual abuse in their communities. One of the benefits of bringing a civil lawsuit, however, is obtaining a financial settlement from the at-fault party, such as a school district in Ventura County that facilitated the abuse against you. You could receive compensation for many different damages with a successful civil lawsuit.

  • Emotional distress
  • Psychological suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Legal fees
  • Lost income
  • Lost quality or enjoyment of life
  • Therapy and/or medication expenses
  • Punitive damages

The award you could receive from a sexual abuse lawsuit could help you move forward with the peace of mind of financial stability. The lawyers at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi have the experience and ability to maximize the compensation you receive through a lawsuit against a public school district in Ventura County, or another party. We will work with you to achieve your specific goals for the case.

New Law Changes Things for Ventura School Sexual Assault Survivors

California lawmakers recently passed a new bill into law, Assembly Bill 218, that changed the statute of limitations for survivors of sexual abuse at public schools. Previously, survivors only had 6 months (or sometimes 12) from the last incident to file their claims, unless the abuse occurred after January 1st, 2009. 

AB 218, however, allows survivors of student sexual assault from prior to January 1st, 2009 to bring claims for damage against school districts without obeying the time limit from the government tort claims act. As a survivor of abuse at a public school, you may now have more time to bring your claim. Contact the professionals at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi right away for counsel on how to bring your claim against a school district in Ventura County.

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Help is available as a survivor of sexual abuse at a school in Ventura County. Whether you are an adult survivor of childhood sex abuse or have a child you believe has suffered sexual assault at school, please do not hesitate to contact Manly, Stewart & Finaldi. We offer confidential initial consultations at no charge so you can receive dependable answers to your questions without any risk. Contact us online or call (800) 700-8450 today.