San Juan Hill High School Coach Cole Austin Cazel

San Juan Hill High School Coach Cole Austin Cazel has been arrested suspicion of contacting minors for the purpose of soliciting child pornography. His arrest is just more example of the epidemic of child sexual abuse in the Orange County schools. The experienced California child sexual abuse attorneys at Manly, Stewart& Finaldi are currently representing parents of alleged child abuse victims at Kennedy High School in La Palma and Segerstrom High School in Costa Mesa. In both of these cases the alleged molesters were coaches.

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi has represented hundreds of child sexual abuse victims of teachers and coaches in California schools. In each of these cases we have helped victims and families get justice by conducting a thorough investigation of the school. In many cases we have discovered that school administrators know that the perpetrator was a danger to children and either did nothing or actively covered up the crimes.

In the case of Cole Austen Cazel, Authorities believe there may be other victims who have not yet been identified. If you know of anyone who may have been a victim of this man call Th Orange County Sherriff ‘s Special Victims Detail  at 714-647-7419.

Anonymous tips can also be left with OC Crime Stoppers by dialing 855-847-6227 or visiting