San Jose Doctor Sexual Misconduct

Physicians are trusted with the lives of their patients. The last thing you expect when visiting a doctor is to be sexually abused or assaulted. If this crime was committed against you in San Jose, contact Manly, Stewart & Finaldi right away for a free case consultation. We are a team of dedicated and experienced sexual assault lawyers who will help you take the first steps forward to achieve justice and fair financial compensation. We will be your advocates through every phase of the legal process.

Dedicated Doctor Sexual Assault and Abuse Lawyers in San Jose

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is a leading law firm in America for sexual assault and abuse cases. We have earned this distinction after providing exceptional legal services, unparalleled customer care and record-breaking case results for over 25 years. Our attorneys are proud to have won over $2 billion for past clients, including $880 million against Olympic Doctor Larry Nassar and $852 million against USC Doctor George Tyndall. Most importantly, we have helped change the lives of sexual assault survivors through our dedicated and personalized representation.

Common Examples of Doctor Sexual Misconduct

A licensed medical provider should never go beyond the scope of what is medically necessary and appropriate when treating a patient. If your physician engaged in any type of action or behavior that made you uncomfortable or feel violated during your appointment, you may be a victim of doctor sexual misconduct. Examples include:

  • Making you get undressed in front of the doctor
  • Taking inappropriate photos of you
  • Exposing his or her sexual organs during your treatment
  • Making inappropriate sexual comments, remarks or innuendos
  • Asking you out on a date or requesting sexual favors
  • Threatening or intimidating you to force you to comply with sexual requests
  • Touching, kissing, groping or fondling you
  • Touching your private parts unnecessarily under the guise of medical care
  • Inserting an ungloved finger into your vagina or anus
  • Forcing you into oral copulation
  • Mimicking sexual acts with medical devices or equipment
  • Committing rape, drug-induced rape, attempted rape or sodomy

The moment you suspect sexual misconduct by your doctor, notify the police. Report the incident to the Medical Board of California, as well, to have the doctor’s medical license put under review. Get help from friends, family, trained sexual assault professionals and a therapist to cope with the trauma that you endured. Then, take legal action with assistance from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assault Cases in California?

It can be difficult to comprehend what happened to you as a victim of doctor sexual assault or misconduct. Many victims of this particular type of crime don’t realize what happened until much later. The shock of this crime, as well as confusion as to whether or not what happened is considered appropriate medical care can lead to delayed reporting (especially for child victims).

In California, a recent law extended the deadline, or statute of limitations, on filing a lawsuit for survivors of child sexual abuse. As of today, these victims have until age 40 to file their claims, or 5 years from the date that they discover a connection between their mental health issues and child sexual abuse (whichever is later). As an adult victim of sexual assault in Silicon Valley, you have 10 years from the date of the incident or 3 years from the date of discovery.

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