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What Is Coach Sexual Abuse?

Coach sexual abuse can refer to any type of intimate or sexual contact between a coach and his or her players. It can take the form of inappropriate touching, nonconsensual sexual contact, groping or fondling, sexualized massages, kissing, rape or attempted rape, oral sex, or any sexual activity with a minor. It can also be nonphysical, such as a sports coach exposing his or her genitals in front of players or committing verbal sexual assault and harassment.

Signs of Youth Sports Sexual Abuse in San Bernardino

Although coach sexual abuse can affect anyone at any age, child and youth athletes are the most common targets. It is often up to parents and other adults in the child’s life to detect the signs of sexual abuse or misconduct, as many victims are unable or unwilling to come forward and report the abuse. Red flags for coach sexual abuse can include:

  • Signs of physical harm, such as injuries to the genitalia
  • Regression in behavioral patterns, such as bed-wetting
  • Sudden loss of interest in the sport
  • Fear or anxiety about going to sports games or practices
  • Reluctance to be alone with the coach
  • Withdrawal from social activities or favorite hobbies
  • Sudden changes in appetite, sleep schedule, weight or appearance
  • Signs of depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders
  • Substance abuse (in an older adolescent)
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions/self-harm

If you suspect that something has happened to your child, have an open conversation about sexual abuse and exploitation with him or her. If you have reason to believe that a sports coach in San Bernardino has sexually abused your child, contact an attorney right away. Our lawyers can help your family through every step of the recovery process, including setting your child up with a psychiatrist to help with the emotional side of sexual trauma.

Who Is Liable for Coach Sexual Abuse in San Bernardino?

In addition to facing criminal charges for committing a sex crime, a coach can also face a civil lawsuit brought by the victim or his or her family in San Bernardino. Your family can hold the perpetrator responsible for the heinous acts committed and pursue financial compensation for your losses. You may also be able to name an institution as a defendant in your civil lawsuit.

An institution can be held responsible for coach sexual abuse if it was negligent in protecting athletes, such as if it did not conduct proper background checks on coaches or covered up complaints of sexual abuse. Our lawyers can help you bring a claim against a school or school district, a gym owner, a sports organization, an athletic training facility, and many other institutions in the search for accountability.

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