Riverside Doctor Sexual Misconduct Attorney

Being seen by a doctor should not result in years of psychological trauma and emotional turmoil. Unfortunately, many complaints have been filed against doctors and other health care professionals in Riverside for the sexual assault and abuse of patients. This is the heinous crime of a physician using his or her position of trust to take advantage of patients for sexual purposes.

If you are a survivor of doctor sexual misconduct, contact a lawyer at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi right away. We can help you seek justice and maximum financial compensation for this unimaginable crime.

How an Attorney Can Help

Hiring a doctor sexual misconduct attorney in Riverside can allow you to focus your full attention on healing and moving forward. You can trust your attorney to protect your rights and best interests as your legal advocate without having to stress over the legal process. A law firm will have the resources, personnel and connections to build a strong claim against a doctor or hospital in Riverside. The right lawyer will complete many critical tasks on your behalf, including:

  • Setting you up with top doctors and therapists in Riverside
  • Keeping your identity anonymous, if desired
  • Attending hearings and meetings for you
  • Investigating the sexual abuse case
  • Preserving and collecting evidence against the doctor
  • Filling out and filing complicated legal paperwork
  • Hiring experts to support your case
  • Negotiating a fair settlement from an insurance company or defendant
  • Taking your doctor sexual misconduct case to trial, if necessary

Your lawyer will provide everything that your case needs to succeed. At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we have a reputation for obtaining record-breaking settlements and verdicts for sexual abuse and assault cases. Our history helps us continue to achieve outstanding results for clients, as defendants and their insurance companies take us seriously. We have the power to go up against any hospital or medical center in California.

What Is Doctor Sexual Misconduct? What Are Common Examples?

It is against the law in California for a physician (and other types of health care providers) to be involved in any intimate or sexual relationship with a patient. This is unethical in any circumstance, even with mutual consent, due to the imbalance of power between the two parties. It is also illegal for a medical practitioner to force himself or herself upon a patient, such as with any of the following actions or behaviors:

  • Unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances
  • Groping, kissing, hugging or fondling
  • Inappropriate massages
  • Touching a patient’s private parts
  • Using an ungloved hand to touch intimate parts
  • Penetrating the patient under the guise of medical care
  • Watching the patient get undressed
  • Taking inappropriate photos of the patient
  • Mimicking sexual acts with medical equipment
  • Forced oral copulation
  • Rape, attempted rape or sodomy
  • Drug-induced rape

These sex crimes can be committed by a doctor through the use of force, coercion, intimidation, threats, misrepresentation or incapacitation. Many doctors in Riverside have faced allegations of sexual assault and misconduct over the years. Claims have been brought against general practitioners, surgeons, dentists, optometrists, nurses and many other medical professionals in the area. If you experienced any type of sexual misconduct or behavior that made you feel uncomfortable from your doctor in Riverside, report the crime and get help right away.

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