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Child sexual abuse is a serious problem in California and in the United States. Sexual abuse against children can take many forms including: rape, incest, indecent exposure, pornography and indecent exposure. These acts that are too horrible to think about are a bleak reality for too many children. Upon learning that their child may have been abused, parents are rightfully outraged, angry, upset and confused. We understand the hardship you are being made to endure and have helped many in your situation even when it seemed that all hope was lost.

Although there is nothing that can be done to erase this nightmare, there are many effective tools that we can utilize to ensure that your child is given the help that he or she needs later in life. In addition, when you pursue a case against a sexual predator, you are helping to ensure that they will not be able to harm more children in the future. The negative ramifications of child sexual abuse are too many to list. Sadly, most cases of molestation involve someone that the child already knows. If you have reason to believe that your child may have been the victim of molestation, please call our firm immediately. An Oakland sexual abuse attorney can assist you.

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In addition to the criminal proceeding, it is possible for the family of the victim to bring a lawsuit against the sexual predator in order to obtain compensation for their child’s mental and physical suffering. Our firm represents clients in all types of sexual abuse cases, including cases of child sexual abuse, sexually abused in school, coach sexual abuse, foster care abuse, Boy Scout abuse, sexual abuse in sports, sexual abuse at work, government sexual abuse, clergy sexual abuse, incest, sexual harassment, sexual harassment in school, clergy sexual harassment, child sexual harassment, sexual harassment in sports, coach sexual harassment, elder sexual harassment, government sexual harassment, foster case sexual harassment, Boy Scout sexual harassment, sexual harassment at work, sexual hazing, school sexual hazing, work sexual hazing, government sexual hazing, sexual hazing on sports teams, sexual bullying, internet sex crimes, online sexual harassment, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, sex with a minor, rape, spousal rape, sexual assault, as well as representing those who have suffered social media sexual harassment. We serve clients who are survivors of clergy abuse in the area.

Our team of attorneys has successfully helped hundreds of clients bring lawsuits against the sexual predators that had harmed their children. We have acquired hundreds of millions of dollars on our client’s behalf and continue to pursue the best interests of our clients every day. Please call our firm immediately so that we can begin helping you and your child through this difficult time.

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