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For most parents, sexual abuse against their child brings about feelings of rage, anger and dismay. We understand the pain you are going through and have helped may in your unfortunate situation. We have fought successfully to bring punishment to countless sexual predators and continue to do so every day. Sexual abuse can take many forms, each one as horrific as the next. The negative ramifications of sexual abuse last a lifetime and may never fully be remedied. Whether the abuse was inflicted on a child or an adult, it is important to seek justice in civil court.

If your child is exhibiting strange behavior or has befriended an adult that you don’t feel certain about, please speak with a seasoned attorney at your earliest convenience. It is always best to not allow any more time to pass if you feel uncertain about your child’s safety. Pretending that everything is okay will not save your child’s life and future. We are here to help and have helped many in your situation. With hundreds of millions of dollars recovered for victimized children, we continue to bring down sexual predators and make the world a safer place for children. Speak with a Bakersfield sexual abuse attorney from the firm today so that you can be assisted during this difficult time.

Our firm represents clients in sexual abuse cases of all types, including but not limited to child sexual abuse, sexually abused in school, coach sexual abuse, foster care abuse, Boy Scout abuse, sexual abuse in sports, sexual abuse at work, government sexual abuse, clergy sexual abuse, incest, sexual harassment, sexual harassment in school, clergy sexual harassment, child sexual harassment, sexual harassment in sports, coach sexual harassment, elder sexual harassment, government sexual harassment, foster case sexual harassment, Boy Scout sexual harassment, sexual harassment at work, sexual hazing, school sexual hazing, work sexual hazing, government sexual hazing, sexual hazing on sports teams, sexual bullying, internet sex crimes, online sexual harassment, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, sex with a minor, rape, spousal rape, sexual assault, and cases of social media sexual harassment. We represent clients who are survivors of clergy abuse in dioceses throughout our state.

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Our team of powerful and experienced attorneys will do everything in their power to ensure that your child is permanently safe and that the sexual criminal never harms another child again. We know how difficult this situation can be on the entire family and that is why we work so hard to punish the responsible party and to recover the maximum compensation possible. Nothing can be said or done to take away the pain of what has occurred, however, with the right legal representation you can provide your child with a bright and safe future.

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