New Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Former Basketball Coach, Mater Dei, Diocese of Orange

Our attorneys (on behalf of our client, an alleged victim of childhood sexual molestation) filed a second sex abuse lawsuit against a former Mater Dei High School basketball coach, the school and the Diocese of Orange.

The suit alleges that Jeffrey Andrade, ex-coach at the school and a self-admitted molester(During a sworn deposition in 2007, Andrade admitted abusing the victim), sexually abused our client while she was a student at Mater Dei. The most recent large settlement involving Andrade awarded the plaintiffs mullions of dollars and was settled in October 2007.

This case is importat because the school officials need to change. Andrade was a serial predator, Mater Dei officials this and yet they did nothing to stop him. In fact, they invited him back on campus.