Attorney: MSU’s $4.5 million fine an ‘absolute punch in the face’ to Nassar survivors

The announcement by the US Department of education of a 4.5-million-dollar settlement with Michigan State University following a Title IX investigation into the University’s handling of the Larry Nassar scandal was strongly criticized by prominent Nassar survivors and their attorneys.

The Title IX investigation found a systemic failure by the University and its officials to respond to reports of abuse by Larry Nassar and take corrective action.

Nassar victim’s attorney John Manly said, “A 4.5-million-dollar settlement is not a punishment for knowingly allowing little girls to be molested for more than 20 years. It is a gift. The Department of Education could have sent a strong and meaningful message that MSU’s behavior is not acceptable. Instead, they sent a message to every university in America that if you ignore reports of sexual assault on your campus and cover-up the crimes of perpetrators, you will get a slap on the wrist. This is completely inadequate and an insult to survivors.” Read more here.