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The physical well-being of amateur and professional athletes is key to their success and often critical to the investments of many individuals and organizations. This means our athletes are often in the hands of trainers, coaches, doctors, and other handlers to ensure that they can perform at their best. Child athletes who participate in youth sports are especially vulnerable to abuse. Occasionally, however, these handlers cross the line and act inappropriately with these athletes, which calls not only for criminal charges but relief for the victim, as well.

If you are an athlete or the parent of an athlete that has been subjected to sexual abuse from a superior, Manly, Stewart & Finaldi invites you to contact our firm today. Our California sports sexual abuse attorney have dedicated our firm to civil sexual assault and harassment claims and have secured more than $1.5 billion in relief for our clients. We’re ready to assess your case and bring an aggressive, proven approach to recovering you the restitution you deserve.

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Most victims of sexual abuse experience some kind of pressure to keep their abuse secret. This is undeniably true for young professional athletes, as well. Not only do they not want to jeopardize a career they’ve worked incredibly hard for, there are often massive sums of money at stake for them and the organizations that employ them. Our firm understands these concerns and has extensive experience handling sensitive cases that are prone to media exposure.

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