School Sex Abuse Claims

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When we trust our children to a school district or a university, we depend on a vast network of qualified professionals to look out for their well-being, enrich their lives, and prepare them for the future. Unfortunately, it only takes the actions of one individual in this network to breach this trust and engage in the abuse of a student.

If your child has experienced sexual abuse at the hands of someone employed by your local school district or a college, then Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is ready to stand with you and your family. Our trusted, proven California sexual abuse lawyers have already navigated these types of claims against educational institutions and recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for children who have been inexcusably wronged.

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School Claims: Who Is Responsible?

Every case is different, but our firm has handled enough of these claims to know that there is often one or more institutional failures that occurred and allowed the abuse to take place. Bad hiring practices, ignoring warning signs, not providing adequate security—all of these factors (and others) can create liability in these cases.

Our firm has handled school sex abuse claims involving:

No matter what institution failed your child, our firm is ready to hear your story. We can assess your case and, if possible, take aggressive steps towards holding the proper parties accountable on your behalf.

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