Sexual Abuse in the Diocese of Stockton

Stockton Clergy Abuse Attorney

Claims of sexual abuse by clergy can be brought by an adult concerning abuse during childhood or may be brought by the parents on behalf of their child. These are crimes against children which have horrendous effects long after the abuse has come to an end. The emotional injuries often last a lifetime. Those who have been abused may be too embarrassed to come forward until well into their adult years. Sometimes the child was persuaded to remain silent by the predator’s threats of punishment. A California sexual abuse attorney at our firm understands how sensitive this type of case is and works with the survivor to fight to obtain a positive result.

Stockton Clergy Abuse Lawyer

There have been many cases of abuse since the Stockton Diocese was created in January of 1962. Most of the clergy who have molested children have been well known to the family and sometimes so highly trusted that family members have had difficulty believing their child’s claims. A wide variety of sexual abuse has been forced upon children by clergy including, kissing, fondling, oral sex, sexual intercourse, and other forms of abuse. Some children were so traumatized by their experiences that decades later they still have great difficulty talking about it. Our legal team is thoroughly acquainted with these difficulties and does everything possible to make it easier to discuss. A clergy abuse lawyer at our firm is a talented litigator with a team of experts and consultants unequaled by any other legal firm and has the drive to fight for compensation for your damages.

All wealthy institutions are naturally reluctant to admit to wrongdoing especially when it will cost them large amounts to compensate those they have injured. Our firm has won some of the largest monetary civil awards for clients who were abused as children. We are wholly committed to helping those who have been abused by a religious worker in the Stockton Diocese, and preventing future abuse of others. For a confidential consultation with a dedicated sexual abuse lawyer call Manly, Stewart & Finaldi.

Contact a Stockton clergy abuse attorney at our firm who will use all available legal tools to ensure full compensation is awarded.