About Sexual Abuse in the Diocese of San Diego

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In recent years, San Diego residents have been bombarded by articles in the press and TV news reports concerning the sexual abuse experienced by a large number of individuals during their childhood. As painful as this exposure was for the abuse survivors and for the public at large, everyone is much better off knowing the truth. Most people who have suffered sexual abuse continue to suffer throughout their lives. They seldom speak of it to anyone and try not to remember. Difficult though it may be, the best way to begin to heal is to take action to seek some justice. A California sexual abuse attorney with our firm has many years of experience in working closely with abuse survivors and is interested in helping the healing process to begin.

San Diego Clergy Abuse Lawyer

A defenseless and innocent child who has been preyed upon by a revered member of the clergy may suffer for many years from the confusion and degradation of that experience. Some children endured this type of abuse for years. It is no wonder that as they grow older they experience a variety of emotional problems. It isn’t only the predator who is responsible for this devastation, but also church officials who knew of these incidents and played an active role in a cover-up, doing nothing to protect other children from being similarly violated. A clergy abuse lawyer with our firm can seek settlements or through negotiations or at trial, to fight for fair compensation for the damages suffered.

Our firm has successfully represented clients throughout California and other states, and particularly in the recent San Diego case which settled for $150 million against the Diocese of San Diego. If you or a loved one is a survivor of sexual abuse, meet with a trusted sexual abuse lawyer for a confidential consultation. Call Manly, Stewart & Finaldi for assistance.

Contact a San Diego Clergy Abuse Attorney with our firm who is dedicated to stopping sexual predators and ensuring that abuse survivors are given the opportunity for a new beginning.