Sexual Abuse in the Diocese of San Bernardino

San Bernardino Clergy Abuse Attorney

It takes a great deal of courage for an abuse survivor to come forward and talk about the abuse suffered at the hands of a sexual predator. When the abuser is in a position of great trust, such as a priest or rabbi, the survivor might even believe that to talk about the experience is a betrayal of his or her religion. The emotional pain experienced by the child or adult who has been sexually assaulted can have a devastating effect. This type of traumatizing experience is a very sensitive issue and must be addressed by an established California sexual abuse attorney with a great deal of insight and proven experience.

San Bernardino Clergy Abuse Lawyer

The public outcry which has occurred after revelations in the media concerning sexual abuse in San Bernardino and other areas of California has left no doubt as to the viewpoint of the general public. When community religious leaders take advantage of the great respect and love their congregants feel for them, immense harm is done to the entire community. In some cases, the survivor’s life may be left in ruins. A clergy abuse lawyer at our firm has worked for many years to assist survivors of criminal acts of this nature. Over the years we have formed a team of consultants and experts which is second to none worldwide, with the result that our team has won some of the largest monetary civil awards for clients who were abused as children.

We are passionately committed to bringing those responsible for this abuse and those within the organization who aided the abuser by covering up the evidence to justice. If you or a family member has been sexually abused, you can talk confidentially with an understanding and trusted sexual abuse lawyer by contacting the legal team at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi.

Contact a San Bernardino clergy abuse attorney at our firm who is very interested in listening to your concerns and seeking justice on your behalf.