Diocese of Sacramento

Sacramento Clergy Abuse Attorney

In recent times more and more cases of sexual abuse of the children of parishioners in the diocese of Sacramento have been made public. The members of the clergy who used their positions of trust to take advantage of children for their own gratification traumatized these young innocents leaving them with long-term emotional scarring. Members of the church hierarchy often colluded with the predator to cover up this heinous behavior when the child or family came forward with a complaint. A California sexual abuse attorney with our firm stands ready to help survivors of this abuse to take action to change the course of their lives.

Sacramento Clergy Abuse Lawyer

These painful experiences generally cannot be recalled easily so the survivor may go for years, even decades, without any conscious memory of what occurred. A survivor of this type of abuse may be mystified by his or her difficulties in maintaining close relationships or creating a stable career path and may suffer from anxieties or depression. Investigations have uncovered church documents which demonstrate that known predators were frequently transferred to another church, after one or more complaints were received, where they continued to prey on unsuspecting children. An energetic clergy abuse lawyer with our firm has a proven track record of having large sums in compensation paid to clients.

Sexual Predators, especially clergy, are skilled at creating relationships with parents and older family members in order to get close to a child and will continue in their abuse unless stopped. Our legal team has a team of experts and consultants which is without peer. We work non-stop to expose these predators and those who protect them and allow these atrocities to continue. Call Manly, Stewart & Finaldi for a consultation with a sexual abuse lawyer from our firm who is committed to helping survivors achieve a fresh start.

Contact a Sacramento clergy abuse attorney at our firm who is understanding and has many years of expertise in fighting to full compensation for abuse survivors.