Sexual Abuse in the Diocese of Monterey

Monterey Clergy Abuse Attorney

Sexual abuse at any age can leave deep emotional wounds. This is especially true for younger people who were unfairly taken advantage of by an adult. Such wounds may not heal as easily as a physical injury. In fact, they may continue to affect the individual for an entire lifetime, even when the memories have receded. It is only in the last few decades that the public in Monterey has become aware of the frequency of these crimes against the innocent and demanded they stop. If you or someone you care for has been sexually mistreated it is crucial that you speak with a California sexual abuse attorney who is interested in assisting you to seek justice.

Monterey Clergy Abuse Lawyer

Younger children and teens who encounter a sexual predator are at a severe disadvantage. These criminals have usually practiced their entrapment techniques for many years and are very skilled at taking advantage a child’s trusting nature. Very often the predator succeeds in convincing the young person that he or she is responsible for the crime. The painful emotions which assail the young person can prevent them from talking about what happened, even to their parents. The predator also may use threats to prevent the child from speaking up. A Monterey clergy abuse lawyer with our firm has enormous resources to assist survivors of abuse to expose these predators and obtain full compensation for their damages.

Our resourceful legal team has the unique knowledge and years of expertise that it takes to be effective in this type of case. Every member is highly motivated to expose the cover-ups and hold those involved accountable for the harm they have done. Our former clients have the satisfaction of knowing that in having the courage to step forward they have helped to prevent these criminals from abusing more children in the future. Call Manly, Stewart & Finaldi to talk with a proven sexual abuse lawyer who will listen and address your case with the utmost discretion.

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