Diocese of Juneau Sexual Abuse

Dedicated Juneau Clergy Abuse Lawyer

Are you a survivor of priest abuse from your childhood? Sadly, even with the highly publicized cases that have hit the news in recent years, there are many other survivors of this insidious crime that have not come forward to help seek justice for the wrong that was done. These situations are extremely private and personal, which can make them difficult to speak about. What is important to understand is that what you decide to do right now could save at least one child from being sexually abused in the future.

If you or someone you care about has been abused by a priest or other clergy member, you can learn what legal rights and options you have to hold the priest, church and possibly the Catholic diocese of Juneau responsible and liable for their criminal actions by speaking with a Juneau clergy abuse attorney about your situation.

Seeking Justice for Clergy Abuse Survivors

Child sexual abuse is one of the most heinous types of criminal acts that can be committed. Children are extremely naïve, innocent and trusting, especially of the religious figures they look up to. This can include inappropriate touching, nudity or even forcing a child to perform sexual acts that can leave them with devastating emotional scars for years, or even their entire lifetime.

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we are one of the top clergy abuse law firms in the country, representing over 150 clergy abuse survivors in Alaska and producing highly favorable results. We are passionately dedicated to bringing justice to those who have been made to suffer and will relentlessly pursue the best possible outcome for you in your situation. The more survivors who decide to come forward and speak out to hold criminal priests accountable, the more likely we are to save future children from a lifetime of pain and suffering.

To confidentially discuss your case and learn how we can assist you, contact a Juneau clergy abuse lawyer at our firm now.